Current WoT Garage

My newest World of Tanks You Tube series is Two Battle Tuesdays. Viewers will select one tank from my garage and I will play two battles without editing or shopping for the 'most epic battle' to upload. I think this will be a more entertaining format than me simply selecting whatever tanks I like, or just uploading my best battles.

Here are the tanks currently in my garage. Post your requests in the latest Two Battle Tuesday video comments. I will take the first, only, or most requested tank in the comment section.

Gank's Garage: Updated August, 2013

Light Tanks

MKVIII Tetrarch (II Premium)
PZPKPFW 38H735 (F) 'Mini Maus' (II Premium)
M22 Locust (III Premium)
T127 (III Premium)
M24 Chaffee (V)
T71 (VII)

Heavy Tanks

PZKPFW B2 740 (F) (Premium)
KV-1 (V)
KV-1S (VI)
VK3601 (H) (VI)
Tiger P (VII) (Out of Service)
T29 (VII)
VK4502A (VIII)
IS-8 (IX)
E75 (IX) (Out of Service)
IS-4  (X)

Tank Destroyers                               

AT-1 (The PWNER- Tier II)
FCM36PaK40 (Tier III Premium)
Hetzer (IV)
Hellcat (VI)
Dicker Max (VI Premium)
SU-122-44 (VII Premium)
Jagdtiger 8.8 (VIII Premium)
Object 704 (IX) (Out of Service)
Object 268 (X)

Medium Tanks

T-25 (Tier V Premium)
Ram II (V Premium)
M4A3E8 'Easy 8' (VI)

VK 3001 D (VI)
VK3002DB (VII)
KV-13 (VII)
Indien Panzer (VIII)
T69 (VIII)
Type 59 (Premium VIII)   


SU-26 (III)
M-37 (IV) 
GW Panther (VI)
SU-14 (VI)
105 leFH18B2 (V Premium)