Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's My First You Tube Birthday!

Gosh. I was recording an episode today and realized it's been a year since I embarked on my You Tube project. On November 23, 2012 I posted my first video, an 8.2 Test Server review. How time flies and all that. I did take a 5-month break in between so technically it's not been a whole year, but what the heck! Thanks to Thade who got me interested in all this and everyone who's encouraged me along the way!

Let's celebrate with a song:

And with that I AM going to do what I want, and that's go play State of Decay which I just picked up on the Steam Sale for 50% off- Get in!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

World of Tanks: Mission Accomplished (No Video- actual words! Well, mostly pictures).

Well, well, well.... every-time I try to get out...... Ahem, yes, you know the rest I'm sure. Look what happened to me last night:

I actually played WoT...for fun! My desire to play has been waning but I have to say the added incentive of 250k spurred me on to my first proper all night session in a long time. I had to survive 7 battles and kill 24 chumps. Done, and done (in 20 or so battles)! I just love looking at the credit total. Sigh.... still addicted to the credits even though I don't play all that often. I'm just a junkie I guess;)

In other news, War Thunder is to bring in land vehicles soon-ish so I loaded it up and had a go. Yup, still don't like planes all that much, so here I sit waiting for tanks.

Monday, November 25, 2013

World of Tanks: FCM 50-T Gameplay With Commentary (Two Battle Tuesday 24).

Back in the FCM- 50-T French Premium Heavy tank for Two Battle Tuesday! This is an interesting boat tank to play and one which I've yet to master. I keep trying to play it like a fast medium and it just isn't working! Maybe we should try sniping....

This video features game-play with the French Premium Heavy tank, the FCM-50-T.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's Play Rome 2 Total War Blood and Gore: Rule Brittania!

After some re-design, my Lets Play of Rome II Total War as the Iceni has returned! More edited and post-narrated I hope to keep things flowing along nicely with the added bonus of close-up montages showcasing the Blood and Gore DLC (in a separate montage video featuring a decapitation).

Montage Here!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

World of Tanks Gameplay: Two Battle Tuesday Hetzes it up!

Ahh the Hetzer. I did 400 or so battles in this little baby during the beta. It fits like a glove!

This video features World of Tanks Gameplay featuring the Hetzer. After 500+ battles in it, I actually do know what I'm doing! As always, with commentary featuring the laid back soothing sounds of..... Gank :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rome II Total War Blood and Gore - DLC Review & Kill Montage

This is a short, montage based look at the newly released Blood and Gore DLC for Rome II Total War. It's currently priced at $3 and I think it's worth a look. Despite releasing an awful, buggy mess, Creative Assembly is working hard to win back our loyalty with (currently) FIVE patches to the game and communicating with their player base. As far as I'm concerned, it's working.

Warning: Contains Blood and Gore! Subscribe for more Total War!