Sunday, October 27, 2013

You Can Still Write, Right? Fortuitous Friday, On Sunday.

Yes, I can still write. Oh my beloved blog. Once home to the many wanderings of my mind, read by few, now spammed with videos from my You Tube channel, watched by just about as many. Rest assured all you old fashioned fellows, living in the dark ages, reading stuff (probably by candle light) while all us young hipsters V-log by halogen flood lights suspended from spaceships in the night sky I am still alive. Alive, I tell you. ALIVE.

So yea, there hasn't been a Fortuitous Friday in a while. For all those of you that might be new, or should I say for the couple of you who may be new, this is a blog series where I talk about the ultimate in reality gaming.....Real Life. I'm definitely winning this fucker as well- things are going well even though I've had to put a few quarters in from time to time to keep the game going. I've even added a second, and then a third player. Ah yes, the old arcade-related euphemisms old buggers like me will appreciate.

Real life then. Not content to sit still for more than three years at a time, it seems, me, She Who Will Be Named Later, New Mouth to Feed, The Sultan of Smart, The Duchess of Dumb, Missy the Horse, and assorted fish (Elvis the Pleco, Marbs the Loach, and Bubba the Angelfish), plants, and things are on the move...yet again. For those counting that makes 20+ moves across three countries, two islands, and one continent in 8 years for us. Of course we used to be two, and even before that, it was just me, hopping from Canada to Central America, to the South (that's right ya'll), and then Ireland (also in the 'south' but that's a bit politically dangerous to say).

Rambling man!

^^ That will make sense at the end of my post.

We are once again on the move with an internal move in my organization which will see us relocated 403km to the north of where we are now (measured to the centimeter by the bean counters). It will bring us closer to family and friends which is something we realize we need now, more than ever. Raising a kid isn't easy, and with thoughts turning to <gasp> a second baby, we realize we'll need help. The exact day is still up in the air, but likely at the beginning of January which means a horrid move in the next-to-worst month of the year for snow and cold. On the plus side we will be finally purchasing our first home! I do things a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad later than most. I married (for the first and only time) at 35, and had my first baby at 42 which makes me want to yell, 'yea, come get some ladies, I'm still virile!', but in reality it's more like 'oh thank god it all still works'.... and I meant to say 'bitches' not 'ladies'. Yes, that's right, I'm young and hip because I thoughtlessly disregard women as people.

And now, at 44-ish I'll be buying my first home.....which would make you think I'm finally ready to settle down, but no. We only plan on staying for around 3 years or so but as we always say 'we'll settle this time' and then move, now that we are saying 'we'll move for sure' we'll likely stay. Murphy's law and all that. So yea. Full time job, baby, house. It seems I'm all growed up. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go play some computer games.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faeria: A Strategic Digital Colectible Card Game. (Gameplay)

I've gone Kickstarter crazy! A digital trading card game called Faeria is currently in Kickstarter and with only a few days to go, it's going to get funded with no problem. It's a slow, thoughtful game that reminds me of chess due to the strategic positioning on the board. It's not for those of you wanting a 'quick' game. Some of the mechanics are frustrating but it is currently in Beta- that's' why this is not a review. Just a look. More videos will be coming in the next few days as I put this one through it's paces.

Kickstarter/developer info below the video:



Developer write up:

"What if you were to reinvent Magic: the Gathering but had a board in the gameplay's foundations? In Faƫria, your lands not only serve as a resource: your lands are the battlefield.

You no longer question yourself with binary choices like "Do I attack or not?" - Instead you have to deal with land placement, resource gathering, creature and structure positioning, and how to invest your action points every turn. The layout of your lands is essential to victory because each of your land is where you're allowed to play your cards from your hand.

Creatures and structures interact with the lands given their types: certain creatures have more power on forests, others combat immunity on deserts, etc. Event cards let you destroy the terrain or reshape it, others let you teleport creatures. The terrain offers a layer of depth that opens up a stunning strategic dimension, something never seen before in the Tradable Card Game genre."

Build up new strategies, collect cards, play the solo mode, observe PvP matches or compete in tournaments. Take the best from board games, tactical games and multiply the possibilities with cards and you get impressive diversity: every game you play becomes a unique story.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Undead Overlord Gameplay: A Zombie Strategy Game in Kickstarter.

There are a lot of game I try and never talk about here on my blog, and even more I never bother to post to my You Tube channel. My new series, Casual Fridays aims to remedy that as I'll use it for bits and bobs- reviews, previews, old games cluttering up my hard drive, and today's video, a remote-demo of Undead Overlord.

It's a Real Time Strategy game where you get to control the zombie horde. The developers, Jumpcore Productions, currently have it on Kickstarter. They have worked on a lot of games, and you may know the owner/operator from a 'little' company called Cryptic Studios- among their claims to fame was City Of Heroes, a game my mate played for years and years. I don't think he's gotten over the loss even yet....

The demo shows the very basic ALPHA version of the game. At this stage it's the idea I support as many, many zombie games have come and gone, but not many where you get to be the baddie....mmmmmmmmm....brains......

Their Kickstarter is here:

Friday, October 18, 2013

World of Tanks Epic Battles: The Object 704. 4800 damage! (WoT #15)

Well, when you're hot, you're hot, even when you have no idea where the hell you're going! This is the second to last battle I'll likely play in this tank as the Tier 10 looms on the horizon.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

World of Tanks Game Play/Review: Two Battle Tuesday: The KV-1.

I certainly like playing the KV-1, and I really don't like the T1. Those two facts combine to (almost) make me eat my words as I run into a spot of trouble!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rome 2 Total War Gameplay: Rule Brittania! (Let's Play 01)

Just when I try to get out....they pull me back in. That may not be an original quote from me, but it fits the situation. I decided a while ago to never buy another AAA game for full price. I also decided to give Total War 2 Rome a miss because it was reviewing so poorly. Yea, so much for that. With Creative Assembly's permission letter burning a hole in my virtual pocket I decided to go ahead and buy it, and do a series on it. I loved Rome Total War so expectations are running high.

I am playing post patch 3 which supposedly sets a lot of things to right. I'm also playing blind so if you have any tips, check out the video and let me know! I'm playing as the Brittanic Tribe because they are just so cool! They were also the the first culture I played in Rome 1 after winning as the Romans and unlocking them. Ahhh, the good old days when you had to work for something cool. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

World of Tanks Gameplay: The VK 30.01 D. Two Battle Tuesday! (18)

It's Tuesday again and that means more World of Tanks gameplay and a mini-review of the VK3001 D German medium tank. Find out why this little devil has taken the place of my favorite Tier VI medium over my beloved Easy 8!

World of Tanks is a free-to-play online tank game which I highly recommend, but since I have logged nearly 2000 hours I have to say that or my life has been wasted ;)