Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the end this Two Battle Tuesday worked out alright but I was certainly not looking forward to it. The Jag 8.8 is one of the more challenging TD's I've played simply because it is so different from my usual play-style. Hopefully this will turn things around similar to what happened with the Object 704. After doing my 'Curse of the Object' series I've started to win with that one a bit more though it would take around 75 wins in a row just to get to 50% at this stage.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sunday Funnies

I've always said the biggest problem with online games is all the people. Mostly they annoy me, but once in a while they really, and truly make me laugh out loud even if they don't know they are being laughed at. This is not so much a World of Tanks video as it is a 'I can't believe your so dumb video'.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Saturday

Ahh good ole Saturday. It used to be the day I'd post a video of whatever song I had in my head but I haven't done that for some time. Musical tastes are quite personal and I realize that not everyone will like what I like. Ridiculous, I know, but people insist on not following me and my good tastes. A lot of the music I like doesn't really fit my demographic (North American, 40+ white dude) but you can blame my tastes on the fact I lived abroad for some time and married 10 years my junior (yea, lucky me).

Today I am posting a World of Tanks artillery kill montage set to one of the songs that has previously featured here on my Saturday Tune: Lemon Jelly's Nice Weather For Ducks. I will admit that I consider what people may, or may not like when I do You Tube videos but this one is purely for me (and whoever else enjoys it of course). A labor of love with music I like, I present to you Nice Weather For Artillery!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

World of Tanks: Caught Hacking With Aimbot

The title is mostly so I can see how many page views I get with people hoping to find a World of Tanks hack of which, there are none. It's a server-side game so unless you work there, no hacks for you. Don't get scammed by all that You Tube crap promising free gold. This video is a short WoT update on my European escapades and features me being accused of using an aim-bot. Oh, the lulz.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

World of Tanks: It's Tuesday!

And that of course means two more battles in a tank of you choosing...well, my choosing as it turns out this week. It's the Tiger P's last charge as I've now managed to elite it and consign it to the armored dust bin.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Omerta: City of Gangsters. Gank's Next Thing

I have been looking to add something new to my You Tube offerings for a few weeks now but could never decide on what. I've not played many new games recently as World of Tanks is keeping me busy, and content in my gaming-life. Good news for those of you still checking in and not interested in tanks, my next big thing will be, well, something new!

Omerta: City of Gangsters is a new offering by Kalypso, the folks you brought you Tropico (that's good news) and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (not such good news) and they have graciously given me permission to go ahead with a You Tube Let's Play series! I've always loved the idea of Mafia games but not since my Play-By-Mail days have I found any that interest me enough to play (yes I'm that old I played multi-player games without a computer).

I love tactical strategy games, and I love the Mafia theme so I decided to plunge in and pre-order this one and turn it into my next You Tube offering. Huzzah! There have been some less than stellar previews about this one but I'm not letting that dampen my spirits. Come to think of it, if that phrase refers to booze then yea, I'm never letting anyone ever dampen it (if that means watering them down, of course, but if it means making them stronger then I'm all for that). In any case I will make up my own mind while playing and post a review of it here as well.

In my conversation with Kalypso I was asked directly if I had played Tropico 4 and I told them that no, I hadn't because it looked too similar to Tropico 3 (which I loved) to bother with (yea, I know not the brightest thing to say while trying to get permission to do a You Tube series). They, in turn, sent me two Steam keys for Tropico 4 to try out. What a nice bunch! I'm keeping one for myself, obviously, but will be giving the second one away to promote my Omerta Let's Play series so sub to my You Tube channel to stay tuned for that. I also still have that pesky Assasin's Creed 3 key to give away.... must think of something clever to do with that.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: I No Longer Look Like a Criminal

With my return to Ireland looming I needed to 'freshen' up my passport. Though it is still valid there area lot of stamps (and an expired UK Visitor Entry Visa) which may raise some eyebrows at various border crossings. Not that there are a lot of actual, official crossings between the North and the Republic. In fact I will be slipping into, and out of, Ireland with them being none the wiser. Suckers. Oh, and please don't tell them I said that- I was once trapped in Ireland for two years due to some, er, technical difficulties with my Immigration status so I don't need to be aggravating them...... again....though, in fairness, it was their fault and the EU Court Of Human Rights agreed and made them say sorry to myself and loads of Nigerians.

I dashed out to get some new photos, and they, of course, suck, but not in the way I'm used to. Passport pictures (and any official photo I.D. for that matter) are always bad. You always end up looking like a criminal in these things which is unfortunate because you are usually looking to convince some official or enforcement type person, that you are trustworthy enough to be let into their country. If you are a criminal maybe the photos come out with you looking like a respectable citizen- who knows.

In any case, this time I thought, 'fuck it' and decided to not shave and get the photo done looking 'au naturale'. The plan backfired, however, because instead of looking like an angry 30-year old skinhead (as most of my photos often turn out to be) I instead look like a tired 42-year-old. It's the first time I've ever looked at a picture of myself and thought 'holy fuck, I'm getting old'. You see I keep my hair trimmed to nothing (electric razor with no guard) and am usually clean shaven, allowing my boyish-good looks (read chubby face) to carry me through. You may laugh but She Who Will Be Named Later is 10 years my junior so there must be something to that theory.

With the gray in my uncut hair showing a bit at the sides, and in m whiskers I look less like a Silver Fox and more like someone who's been stuck home looking after a baby and definitely not going to the gym (or even using the treadmill in my basement). It's also a stark reminder that I am an adult. I know it seems obvious and when you're young everyone over 30 is old, but in reality we (those who are aging) don't actually clue in for some time. My time is now.

It still feels odd that when New Mouth To Feed is grown up (let's say 20 for arguments sake) I'll be, hmmmm, let's see.....fucking old. I'll be 62 and that, right now, seems pretty old, though when I get there I'll likely think differently. You see, I still think of myself as 28. It was a time when I made some really drastic life-changes so it's the 'starting point' in my mind's eye. I forget about the 27 years that preceded it (for loads of good reasons) so it always surprises me that Iam this age. It could also be the fact that I don't yet feel all that mature, especially when I'm strafing my baby in the tub with a toy plastic plane while literally making 'pew pew' sounds. I know, it's ridiculous. I should be using tanks and shouting 'Looks like that one went right through!"

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OMG Are You Still Doing That You Tube Thing?

Yes, yes I am and here's the latest proof: a new Two Battle Tuesday featuring the Tier III Russian Premium T-127. It's a great club to go after those low tier seals or, alternatively train your Russian light tank crews, as you prefer. I was also surprised by the amount of cash this little puppy could bring home as I haven't played it much since I trained my T-50 and T-50-2 crews up. I got it for free (promo code over a year ago) but it's pretty cheap compared to others in the 'shop'. If you like playing Heavy tanks, or heavy-mediums (think of the E2) this may be the 'light' tank for you.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Sunday Funnies

Well I laughed when I saw that 'Dogging in Dublin' brought me a couple page-views (it was actually a post about my Dogs, and the city of Dublin). This, however, wins the prize as funniest search term to bring me a viewer.

"how to blow yourself"

I'm assuming they were very dissapointed with my World of Tanks Video in which I blow own tank up....or maybe not.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

World of Tanks: Heavy Baguette

Since the new Chinese tanks are turning out to be quite the let-down I decided to use the free gold on the Test Server (8.3) to try the Tier VIII French Heavy premium- just for lols. I've never tried the French heavies so I had not idea what to expect and it certainly wasn't that I'd really, really like it. The problem, of course, is the staggering $50 price tag. It's strange that if it were a 'mere' $30 I likely would just get it but that extra few quid is just too much. That's a nice bottle of French Wine damnit.

When I did this video I didn't realize that this tank has the exact same gun that you can mount in the Tier VI French Heavy which got me thinking that maybe I'm missing out.... next project: European Vacation! I'm going to grind some Frenchies. In the meantime some gameplay with the FCM 50t the Heavy that plays like a Medium. The important thing to note is that I do quite well (if I do say so myself) from the start suggesting it really suits a medium play-style (my usual tank-type).

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: There's Nothing Free Here. Move Along.

Oh poor blog readers. You must be feeling neglected now that I am running with that fast and loose set, the You Tubers. I've been putting out videos over the last week (and playing games) but haven't been posting here. When I do it's just to put up my newest video to get Exposius Maximus (that's how we say it in the show biz world in case you didn 't know). For Shame Gank, For Shame.

I've even forgotten to even put up my latest videos (I'm two behind here on the blog) so the neglect is really piling up. I've been playing a lot of WoT lately as my videos have re-kindled my interest in the game. It's a good venue to practice You Tubing on because I am familiar and comfortable with the game itself. It allows me to find my style without worrying about learning a new game which leads to it's own problems. I don't want to have a World of Tanks channel, I want a game channel that includes other games I'm into. The main problem with that, of course, is time as well as the fact that WoT is all I've played lately.

I've often wondered who reads my Friday posts. Mostly about everything but games I would assume it's people who have been reading me for a while and- in their own way- care something about the person behind the blog. I think that's really nice and if you are one of those, thanks. Now that my rather boring post has likely frightened the casual reader away I have a copy of Assassins Creed III I am giving away. I would like to give it to someone who is a regular reader as opposed to a stranger but if there are no takers then I will do some You Tube channel promotion thingy and give it away to someone who has only just subscribed in order to take advantage of the free giveaway and won't watch anything I ever do again... probably.

Please read the small print:

Small Print: I got this code free with my video card purchase and have not tried to use it. I am assuming you put in the code and get to download the game. If it is anything more complicated than that I'm not responsible. If they need extra information- such as my name or the serial number of my video card (or something like that which is vaguely personal) the deal is off. I have the code and if you use it and it works, great, if not.... shrugs.

So if you are a regular let me know if you are interested. How will I know if you are a regular. Well, I suppose if you have ever commented previously, or are on my blog-roll then I guess I know you, in the virtual sense, and am happy to give it away. If there are more than a few who want it I will come up with some random way of distributing it.

On another fun note, just to wedge all that free game stuff in a text-sandwich, I booked my tickets to Ireland. Huzzah! You will, as a regular, recall that friends are getting married in Belfast (I know, nothing's perfect and by that I mean Belfast, of course, and not the wedding which is good news) and when She Who Will Be Named Later heads to see family in the UK (with New Mouth to Feed in tow) I am travelling to the Republic to see friends and visit pubs which is pretty much what I did for the entire six years I lived there.

All that is a bit of an oversimplification really as I have to drive 7 hours west, then fly eastward (back over my house practically) to London, and then fly to Edinburgh, and then rent a car, and then drive to the ferry, and then boat it to Belfast, and then, then I will head south to Dublin...and then Waterford and Cork by train...and then rent a car.... well, you get the idea. It's going to be an action packed 10 days boy-o!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The SU-122-44 Shows Me The Money, Jerry McGuire Style

I went a bit nuts over the Holidays and picked up some premium tanks. The results so far are quite promising. This replay is just a quickie to hold you over until I get my regular Two Battle Tuesday and some live-play out again. Suffering from a bit of the flu and not up to live commentary at the moment.

I also have free copy of Assassins Creed 3 to give away so stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quoting You!

It's been a while since I did a Quoting You. I've been rather busy and often, I have to admit, just skimming my usual reads so perhaps you have been saying profound/funny/great things and I've missed it. In any case I was paying attention today:

"The more ways we find to communicate the less real communicating actually seems to be going on. I find no resonance with people who feel the need to tweet aspects of their apparently fascinating lives at every available moment." Adam, The Noisy Rogue

I'd like to say some profound words on that- how I agree that people don't really talk anymore, etc, but would you actually be listening?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gank's Games of the (Previous) Year And Some New Years Thoughts

Yes I'm aware that every blogger and You Tuber is likely doing this but I don't care! This is my very short games of the year list and yes I know it's exactly one day too late. It's short because I'm extremely hard to please and there didn't seem to be a lot of good games released until near the end of the year. That or everything since May has been blanked from my memory due to the arrival of our newest, only, and final baby. So, here it is:

#3 X-Com Enemy Unknown

I said it previously and I stand by it: It's both the best strategy game I have ever played as well as the worst. This game is good, don't get me wrong. I'm not pining away for the original or anything like that either it's just that, well, it not only could have been so much better, but, oh, I don't know.... could have been released without so many game-breaking bugs. At the very least they could have addressed the bugs before trying to sell us new DLC. Greedy bastards.

#2: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead accomplished what no game has ever done- it made me feel. It made me care about the characters and made me want to see what happened next. It was emotional, well delivered, and looked nice. I can't wait for a sequel and this was soooo close to being my number one choice.

#1 Torchlight II

Torchlight II was perfect. Absolutely perfect. It delivered what it promised and more. Here is a game that truly lets you play on your own terms with the fantastic modding ability built-in. It is a lot of fun, visually stunning, and I couldn't come up with a single thing I wish it had, or that could be improved and that is not something I have been able to say about any game, ever. In so far as you accept that this is a dungeon crawling, loot based game, it is easily my game of the year. I couldn't be more impressed with what they've done.

So that's that then. Another year down and what a doozy is was. Looking back on the highlights I'd have to say it was, hmmmmm, let me see.......... making a human being. Well, the making took place a while before she arrived, but I guess bringing her into the world and then getting the opportunity to stay home and get to know her is the highlight. The low of the year? It also revolves around this little human. Harder and more emotionally taxing than I could ever expect, in general, but specifically was that moment, at 0440 on May 26th, 2012 when the babies heart rate monitor began to slowly drop and I thought we were going to lose her. Thank God for modern medicine and the miracles it can provide.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's not make a big deal about it. Carry on with your lives, make some changes if you think it necessary, but overall try to be happy with what you are, and what you have.