Wednesday, December 4, 2013

World of Tanks Gold Giveway Musings.

I've done what everyone says you should never, ever do- a You Tube giveaway! Let's put aside all the hype and advertising for a minute- I've tweeted, you-tubed, and googleplused this to death already. Let's just talk- that is what this blog is still for really. The hard, cold facts are that promoting your channel with a giveaway will usually provide you with a temporary boost of people who will then bugger off when the prizes are gone.

And that's fine. I know this, but still I'm curious to see the stats- I'm a bit of a stat nerd that way. Three giveways at $15 will net me what, exactly? It's a good question, and I think that it might be fun to try a $45 Google ad words campaign afterward to see if that makes a bigger difference. It will depend on the New Year's finances really. My first year in You Tube has come and gone. I did take 5 months off so the year thing is kinda subjective. I received my first 'paycheck' from my partner (Viso Gaming) to the tune of.....wait for it......$1.80. Yikes, I'm rich! Yea, not really.

But this isn't about the money, now is it? I'm not doing this as a job, and I know I'll never be 'big' on You Tube. I'm not a major personality and I like my privacy too much to be huge.I also worry that if I continue to do only World of Tanks I'll never manage to do any other game- just finding the time to do other stuff, and finding a way to promote it is much harder.

And so we're back to the gold giveway. It's been a bit of a tough week IRL so I really can't remember why I decided to do this now, of all times. I'm sure I had a good reason but it eludes me! Ah well, we'll see how it goes and I'll do a post-analysis of it in the new year with some number for those who are interested.

Now for the shameless plug that I said wasn't coming- ha, fooled you!

Any You Tube subscriber who requests a tank on my weekly world of tanks show Two Battle Tuesday is entered to win some gold- free world of tanks gold-. Details in the video below and yes, I know you may leave after winning, but if you're not subbed, you're not eligible.

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