Tuesday, November 26, 2013

World of Tanks: Mission Accomplished (No Video- actual words! Well, mostly pictures).

Well, well, well.... every-time I try to get out...... Ahem, yes, you know the rest I'm sure. Look what happened to me last night:

I actually played WoT...for fun! My desire to play has been waning but I have to say the added incentive of 250k spurred me on to my first proper all night session in a long time. I had to survive 7 battles and kill 24 chumps. Done, and done (in 20 or so battles)! I just love looking at the credit total. Sigh.... still addicted to the credits even though I don't play all that often. I'm just a junkie I guess;)

In other news, War Thunder is to bring in land vehicles soon-ish so I loaded it up and had a go. Yup, still don't like planes all that much, so here I sit waiting for tanks.

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