Friday, October 25, 2013

Undead Overlord Gameplay: A Zombie Strategy Game in Kickstarter.

There are a lot of game I try and never talk about here on my blog, and even more I never bother to post to my You Tube channel. My new series, Casual Fridays aims to remedy that as I'll use it for bits and bobs- reviews, previews, old games cluttering up my hard drive, and today's video, a remote-demo of Undead Overlord.

It's a Real Time Strategy game where you get to control the zombie horde. The developers, Jumpcore Productions, currently have it on Kickstarter. They have worked on a lot of games, and you may know the owner/operator from a 'little' company called Cryptic Studios- among their claims to fame was City Of Heroes, a game my mate played for years and years. I don't think he's gotten over the loss even yet....

The demo shows the very basic ALPHA version of the game. At this stage it's the idea I support as many, many zombie games have come and gone, but not many where you get to be the baddie....mmmmmmmmm....brains......

Their Kickstarter is here:

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