Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faeria: A Strategic Digital Colectible Card Game. (Gameplay)

I've gone Kickstarter crazy! A digital trading card game called Faeria is currently in Kickstarter and with only a few days to go, it's going to get funded with no problem. It's a slow, thoughtful game that reminds me of chess due to the strategic positioning on the board. It's not for those of you wanting a 'quick' game. Some of the mechanics are frustrating but it is currently in Beta- that's' why this is not a review. Just a look. More videos will be coming in the next few days as I put this one through it's paces.

Kickstarter/developer info below the video:



Developer write up:

"What if you were to reinvent Magic: the Gathering but had a board in the gameplay's foundations? In Faƫria, your lands not only serve as a resource: your lands are the battlefield.

You no longer question yourself with binary choices like "Do I attack or not?" - Instead you have to deal with land placement, resource gathering, creature and structure positioning, and how to invest your action points every turn. The layout of your lands is essential to victory because each of your land is where you're allowed to play your cards from your hand.

Creatures and structures interact with the lands given their types: certain creatures have more power on forests, others combat immunity on deserts, etc. Event cards let you destroy the terrain or reshape it, others let you teleport creatures. The terrain offers a layer of depth that opens up a stunning strategic dimension, something never seen before in the Tradable Card Game genre."

Build up new strategies, collect cards, play the solo mode, observe PvP matches or compete in tournaments. Take the best from board games, tactical games and multiply the possibilities with cards and you get impressive diversity: every game you play becomes a unique story.

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