Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rome II Total Failure?

I've never been so dissapointed by a game I don't even own yet. I was just getting ready to leave work having made the decision to buy Rome II Total War tonight. And then I bothered to check the reviews. I'm not sure why, because I loved Rome the first so much I figured the next would be bigger, and better..... not bigger and crappier. Don't believe me? Check out this review. Metacritic is also hammering it with 198 negative reviews at the time of writing. Yikes. I was hoping to do a Let's Play of the game on my channel, but given that it, ahhh, sucks, and that Sega are being bastards about using the game on You Tube I may not bother.

You can use the footage, sure, but only if you aren't monetized. Otherwise you need permission. I asked, but I doubt I'll hear back. In the meantime I guess I finally, finally saved myself some heartache with my new policy of not per-ordering games, especially AAA titles priced at $60. I've been burned a few times recently. It took a lot of willpower, let me tell you. I spent 18 months straight playing the shiiiiiiiit out of Rome I and really wanted Rome II. I'm even happier I bothered to read the reviews lol!

Back to Crusader Kings II, or maybe even Rome I. I hear there are some good mods for it out there. Can anyone recommend some? Speaking of Crusader Kings II here's the latest in the series. Thanks for watching.

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