Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Am Not A Faceless Video-Spamming Automan. Yet.

So despite the fact that the blog looks more like a dump-site for You Tube vidoes as opposed to a real blog, I am still very much alive. Playing, recording, and promoting You Tube videos is taking up an enormous amount of my free time and in that other thing...what's it called now...oh yea, real life, I'm b.u.s.y. The period after each letter is to let you know that I'm very, very serious about being busy in case just saying I was busy didn't deliever that message. I often wonder if anyone at all gets my humor because if they don't I must just look like a d.i.c.k.

So yea, You Tube. I did, in the end, sign the partnership deal with Viso Gaming. After a good bit of research it turns out they are an actual company and they make most of their money doing this. They are Canadian-based, and there seems to be a lot of money flowing into their coffers. So far I have not taken advantage of any of their partner-benefits, but that is in the works (analytical tools, promotions, etc).

You Tube can be an extremely draining, ego-smashing endeavor, which I have talked about before. When you see that 80% of your 'audience' drops off after the first 1:50 of your video, it's hard not to take that personally. The nature of You Tube means that even people who like what you're doing often go unnoticed. Thumbs up, and comments are rare, and subs seem to (for me) have dried up. How are you supposed to interpret the fact that 5k people watched one of your videos and no one subbed? It's also a lot like a snowball. My newest videos are getting very little attention, but the ones with a lot of views are starting to pick up steam and get more views daily. A lot of it is simply mechanics- more views means you score higher on search engines and thus...get more views. Getting that ball rolling- ie getting noticed- is hard as there are a lot of guys n' gals doing the same thing. I watch some of them and think 'wow, that guy is good' and I watch others and go 'how the fuck does he have 50k subs?' Others I think are no better (or worse) than me, and those are almost worse because it makes me very jealous!

My Crusader Kings series, for instance, is getting less than 20 views per video and I am pretty far from 100% retention (meaning not many people watch the whole thing). I promoted it on both Reddit, and the Paradox Forums, but still get very few views. My World of Tanks videos, once my 'go-to' (and the game that brings in most of my views) is also lagging behind. I find it frustrating- mostly because I am getting pretty fed up with WoT as a whole. I note that a lot of the 'big boys' in WoT videos have done subscriber replays and gold give-aways to build their audience. Jingles, for instance, started small and now has something like 80k subscribers, and he seemed to take off after his replay contest. He also posts only replays with post-commentary which makes me a bit pissy.

Mostly it's down to jealousy, but if I could just sit around playing a ton of games, and picking out the very, very best to show maybe I'd be more successful. It's always a pain when someone comments about lousy play, or poor aim, and you think: man, I'm watching my team, the enemy, trying to aim and stay alive all the while attempting to be interesting for strangers to watch! I'm trying to branch out into different games but free time is at a premium at the moment. I'm mostly just trying to find my 'voice', and find what works for me. IRL I'm a bit of a cynical, sarcastic ass and being nice doesn't come easy for long. Maybe I should try and work that in somehow.... It works for You Tubers like Angry Joe, but he's a bit much even for me. By the time you find a game, get permission to put it up, play the game, record it and upload, and then promote it- all in the evenings after work- there isn't a lot of time to just chill with games which is something I already knew, so stop bitching already, right? Yea, I agree.

The video dump here at the blog will continue mostly because Google own You Tube. Google owns Blogger. Blogs from blogger get indexed pretty quickly so you'll tend to come out near the top of Google searches. It's also the reason I've stopped using catchy titles. They are cool for blogs, and for expressing your personality, but Google search indexes don't give a shit how clever you are. They only look for matches so that is why most of my titles are boring. Don't belive me? Okay, check this. My '90 minutes with' series is going to be an extended look at games I like the look of. I thought it was a reasonably cool name, and a way to get a 'brand' of videos going- like Total Biscuits WTF Is... or Northern Lion's 'Lets Look At'. Not as cool, of course, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

The problem is that no one is searching for '90 Minutes with Door Kickers'. Instead they are searching for 'Door Kickers Review'. Don't believe me? Check this Google Search. That's right, baby, I come in 5th after Rock Paper Shotgun, Metacritic, Steam, and War Gamer. Bring on the traffic. All 50 of them who've watched that video :) I also come in 4th, and 5th in 'Gnomoria Strategy' which is why I've gotten 7,000 page hits and 1800 video views in the last year. That game is more popular than one would think. So yea, indexing is boring, but it's the way to get attention. Now if only one of those 1800 viewers would have bothered to sub to my channel I'd be a lot happier- not that ad sense cares who subs and who doesn't. Subs, from what I've been reading, is a bit of 'yesterday's news' when it comes to videos. It's all about views and ad impressions now it seems. That said, I'd rather have 500 subs and 300 views per video (my current goal) than 10,000 ad impressions per month and 178 subs with 20-ish views per video (my current status). One can dream I guess. Any tips, suggestions, or comments you have on the subject would be most welcome!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rome II Total War: Can I Play This Yet?

Yikes. In an effort to keep myself from weeping uncontrolably at all times of the day and night I have avoided Rome II Total War. Yesterday I recieved official permission to do a You Tube let's play of this game but I just can't bear the thought of the sequel to my favorite game (almost of all time) being so bad. I know that patches are underway, and the game is improving but do I dare, for $60, jump in and play it? I do want to give it a go, but the price may be too high, both in dollars, and lost tears, if it's not properly playable yet. Anyone playing it post-patch? Is it getting better?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game in development- Banished

This game looks pretty promising. Check out the short trailer is you're a fan of city/kingdom management/sims. After kind of burning out on the Gnomoria alpha (great game, but after nearly 100 hours of alpha play.......) I'm looking for my next fix!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rome II Total Failure?

I've never been so dissapointed by a game I don't even own yet. I was just getting ready to leave work having made the decision to buy Rome II Total War tonight. And then I bothered to check the reviews. I'm not sure why, because I loved Rome the first so much I figured the next would be bigger, and better..... not bigger and crappier. Don't believe me? Check out this review. Metacritic is also hammering it with 198 negative reviews at the time of writing. Yikes. I was hoping to do a Let's Play of the game on my channel, but given that it, ahhh, sucks, and that Sega are being bastards about using the game on You Tube I may not bother.

You can use the footage, sure, but only if you aren't monetized. Otherwise you need permission. I asked, but I doubt I'll hear back. In the meantime I guess I finally, finally saved myself some heartache with my new policy of not per-ordering games, especially AAA titles priced at $60. I've been burned a few times recently. It took a lot of willpower, let me tell you. I spent 18 months straight playing the shiiiiiiiit out of Rome I and really wanted Rome II. I'm even happier I bothered to read the reviews lol!

Back to Crusader Kings II, or maybe even Rome I. I hear there are some good mods for it out there. Can anyone recommend some? Speaking of Crusader Kings II here's the latest in the series. Thanks for watching.