Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Still Loving Those Missions

I'm still loving those missions. When you only have time for a few games, it's always nice when they turn out like this:

Like I said, kill farmer.

The Object 704....gonna finish this grind- finally!

The extra experience really does help.

I've turned my attention back to the Ojbet 704- Russian TD's were one of the first lines I grinded fully....untill they added tier 10 TD's and then a whole new line, of course. The new line doesn't interest me in the least, but the next one in this line certainly does. It looks pretty badass. I just wish I had known they were going to expand the line before I ticked 'convert free experience' on the Object oh those many months ago. I be a bit closer now, that's for sure. So far I'm finding the TD buff to be really, really nice. My damage is a lot higher with the improved aim, my experience is better (of course with the 30% 'extra' it is noticeable), and I seem to live longer/more (seen less with my camo net, camo skill, and perma camo). At the risk of jinxing it, I'm currently on a 7-game win streak with it (I know, I know, not much but I only have time for a game or two per night atm). Let's hope that continues as I really would like to pull my 46% win rate up to 50% by the time I finish (170k more to go means quite a few games left). Here's hoping!

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