Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Steam Fizzles and You Tube Musings.

The Steam Sale came and then went out with a bit of a fizzle if you ask me. I picked up some games early on, but the later days were a bit dull. A lot of recycled sales with ‘flash sale’ items appearing in ‘daily deals’ (which lasted 2 days by the way) and none of the games I had flagged past my initial purchases made it to the deep discounts. After per-ordering and then never really playing a few games I made a vow to never buy another game that wasn’t on sale. I have enough games to keep me busy for ages so I can wait for hot new titles to get discounted- or at least I hope I can because I’m really tempted by Rome II Total War.
I have been spending my time mostly with Crusader Kings II, and just this week it (and all it’s DLC) went on a 75% off sale once again. I picked up the Old Gods DLC which now means I have everything minus a few music DLC’s. I often listen to baseball or You Tube stuff in the background so the music isn’t all that important to me. I went back to the ‘islands’ and started off as Wales with the ambition of taking over the entire place. So far that’s proved quite hard and I’ve had to resort to cheating by using console codes to get extra cash to stave off the pesky King of England with mercenaries. My next play through will be either the Sword of Islam or the Old Gods.
I’ve also delved into Magic The Gathering 2014, Duels of the Planeswalkers (DotP 2014 forevermore here on the blog) in a big way (time wise) and I have to say I love the game, but I hate the multi-player mechanic. I’ll have more on that in a separate post later this week…or next.
My last bit of news is that I’ve been approached by a You Tube network to become a partner. I’ve only done one video in the last 5 months and recently decided to give up trying to get a lot of viewers so this came as a bit of a surprise. I’m not really sure if I’ll bother because, as I’ve said before, my time is pretty limited and at the end of the day I’d rather play than record games. I also find the You Tube format troublesome in that I often don’t care what people have to say- which is a bit counter-productive for a You Tube channel. With World of Tanks on the shelf (for now) I’m not sure there’s anything I’d like to record and have viewed by the world. I do enjoy other people’s videos and watch a couple Let’s Plays per day, but I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason to do my own.
The idea of winding down the blog has again reared it’s head. My posting is infrequent and I don’t feel connected to my readers at the moment (if there are any left that is). Chris over at A High Latency Life posted a good question: Is the Blogosphere Dead?
Checking back and noting there were only 4 replies is very telling I think. I’ll likely continue to plug away here as I always have something to say about games, even if it’s infrequent. What about you? Have you been reading any good, new blogs lately?


  1. I don't read any more, and neither does my wife.

    Oh all right, maybe now and again...

    With the whole Google Reader shutdown business, I've actually heavily pruned the number of blogs subscribed, I found I was doing an awful lot of "Mark All Read" anyway. Perhaps ironically I like your infrequency! Can't remember the last time I added a new gaming blog, and obviously the ol' blogging itself has slowed right down. Hey ho, life moves on and all that.

  2. Sorry I been so quiet - moved house, Edinburgh festival, daughter here - life!! Finding it hard to find time to blog myself now I think about it, but it's summer so wheeeeeeeeee! Just been to see another show ...blog? what blog? ...oh.. yah...is mostly how mine is going :). Funny old thing, blogging.