Friday, July 19, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: Steam(ing) Ahead

The Summer Steam Sale has arrived and I've been a good boy. And by 'good' I mean that I've bought a metric but-ton of games that I may, or may not ever play, and I'm okay with that. Without World of Tanks dominating my nights I have time to check out other games. Not a lot of time since New Mouth To Feed takes priority, but I can report that it's true, these 'other games' do exist and some of them are damn good.

I keep getting drawn back to Magic The Gathering 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers. It is good game but the multi-player sucks big time. I suppose they want you to head to Magic Online for that (where I am told you will spend a lot of money getting a winning deck together) but still, it could be improved. All in all I've bought some pretty good games at great prices (Might and Magic 6, Crusader Kings II) and some that literally made She Who Will Be Named Later laugh out loud (Euro Truck Simulator 2).

In fact, when she came in to the den last night and I was playing it, she burst into laughter and asked: "What the fuck are you playing?" I have played a lot of games over the years, and this is the first time I've been mocked. It does sound ridiculous, and truth be told I could give a shit about a truck simulator, but it is very relaxing. It also has a decent management aspect to it (you can start your own company) and it's nice to drive in the UK/Europe again. Reminds me of home, kind of.... if you ignore the fact I'm from Canada. Never mind, it makes sense if you've been reading me for a while. I'm only using the keyboard so the 'realism' is at a minimum though I am eyeing the new Nascar PC game out soon so maybe a controller or perhaps a steering wheel is in order. I'm not sure I could withstand the torrent of mockery that would follow should She come in again and this time find me playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a steering wheel. I'd be better off being caught watching midget porn. Wait until she finds out I've edited it so I can listen to BBC4 while I drive. Heck, she might make a few runs for me herself.

I will have some posts about the new games I'm playing, and the final damage from the Steam Sale. I'm sticking to my decision to only buy games that are 75% off. Or games that are under $6 if I think they may be fun. Or games that are 66% off if I really, really want them. Hmmmm, perhaps I need a new plan as this one doesn't seem to be working all that well. And speaking of working, I've got a load of bannanas to deliver from Dover to Southampton and that's not a euphemism for what the missus and I get up to after our Friday night bottle of wine.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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