Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tiger II Project Complete and Other Tank Musings

I've been on a bit of a tank hiatus of late. Shortly after reaching 10,000 battles I finished my Tiger II project and hit a bit of a wall. I enjoyed the Tiger II game-play well enough but a bit of burnout set in and I just couldn't find anything that I wanted to do- despite having a ton of projects/tanks I do want to get around to. I even tried 'scheduling' my game-play but it was to no avail (during 'Hellcat' Week I only played 11 matches).  8.6 hits today for us slow-pokes in NA, but I have checked it out in test, and on the EU server so I know what's coming. I am looking forward to trying out my arty to really see how they are (SU-14 and up seemed fine to me) especially at the lower tiers. I've read mixed reviews of the patch overall, so we'll see. I wonder how my little SU-26 will play after it's ginormous (and deserved) nerf. I may have to hunt down another lol-machine for crushing noobs (I have a few in mind already) when I need to blow off steam.

So, back to the Tiger II. It was a tank I really messed up with do to being very new at the game. I sucked hard with it, and eventually rage-sold it. Coming back to it as a WoT vet was nice. It's a nice tank, alright, and capable of pushing when it has to, or devastating opponents from afar. I managed to raise my win percentage by 6%, and more importantly, up that efficiency to 'green' status by pulling my damage per game, kills, etc out of the red. I did complete the 'grind' for the E75 in time for the On Track Event and picked that one up. I'm looking forward to the E75 as I haven't played a Tier IX heavy seriously in quite some time (the IS-4 grind pre-Russian Heavy patch was the last one).

I'm a bit frozen in place atm, however, as I have only two German heavy crews. One is pretty new (bought for the Tiger II project), and the other is my crack team working on finishing their third skill. That crew is currently in the VK4502A which I'm trying to decide if I want to keep. I have all the top modules now, but absolutely no interest in unlocking the next tank. I just want to know if I like it enough to keep it before moving that crew out. The other problem is that I want a crew back in my Tiger P which I've decided to keep after noting I finished it with a 1300+ efficiency rating. I like tanks that I do well in statistically. It shows they suit my play-style. That's important for a guy like me because I'll often get stubborn and play tanks I'm not good with which gets frustrating. The stats let me know which ones I'm not so great with and should likely avoid to keep my blood pressure down. Yea, I know, pretty nerdy but I have a hard time letting 'fun' lead the way.

The top crew will obviously go into the E75, and that leaves me with one crew and two tanks. The VK4502A is alright- it plays like a medium which I like- but with so many tank in the garage, do I really need another one that I'll likely not play that much? Tier 8 is getting a bit crap, to be honest, and I spend a lot of time there with my Tier 8 premiums. Having yet another tier 8 doesn't appeal at all at them moment so we'll see. Realistically I'll likely not get around to the VK4502A 'project' for some time. With 8.6 about to hit here in NA (yes, we are always last) I am going to dust off my Object 704 and do some tank-destroying. The new camo and experience changes have me excited. I'm also going to focus on my Tier 9 arty- partially because I'm curious, and partially because they want less people to play arty and that makes me want to play it more!

Right, so. So long Tiger II. I had some truly epic games in that tank and hope to get the replays up...someday.

In the beginning, there was a noob.....

...who became a man.

6,000 XP is from X2, plus extra for an event- but still, it looks good!

This is one game I must get recorded and uploaded to You Tube.


  1. I never got around to thanking you for the post on how you improved your KT gameplay, it was very interesting.
    On a side note, I think the 88L71 has improved with 8.6. I seem to enjoy my tiger P more at least. It's much easier to snipe those hatches now with the improved shot dispersion. I even bought the tiger I to try out now, never bothered with it previously.

    1. Thanks! I hope it helped. I may do the Tiger as well one day as those stats aren't so great either.