Thursday, June 13, 2013

Man Can Not Live On Tanks Alone

No, it's true. I've been primarily playing WoT for a long time now, but I'm always on the look out for cool games to play. I've made a decision to never pre-order, or pay full price for any game so I often wait a long time to try out new ones. I will, however, try really interesting looking indie games that are reasonably priced (less than $15).

I am currently trying Sang Froid, A Tale of Werewolves (half price Steam Sale purchase) which is a unique tower defence game from a Canadian company. I couldn't resist the call of Canada, the 19th century setting, and the supernatural as the baddies, and the price ($8 in said sale). I have next to no experience in tower defence games but I do like this one. The story is hokey (twee) but  I did say it was Canadian and if you have any experience with Canadian T.V. you'll know what I mean (Beachcombers anyone). That said, who plays a tower defence for the story? It's not that bad, however, and it does server to get you from night to night where the real game is.

The real game sees you defending an increasing amount of buildings against wolves, werewolves, sprites, and other nasties. In addition to traps, you can melee, or shoot (with 19th century rifles) the baddies and level up your character (there are two in the game). A lot of good reviews are out there on You Tube, so check them out. It's awfully refreshing to play a game where you're loot is .60 cent for completing the night (19th century prices) instead of purple gear and thousands of gold. I've been too tired lately to play much of this one but so far (6 nights in) I highly recommend it.

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