Friday, June 7, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: At Least You've Got Your Health

An old phrase and a dumb one I always thought.....untill recently. Eight weeks, four doctors, one lung specialist, three antibiotic prescriptions, two inhalers, thirteen vials of blood, one jar of urine, two lung x-rays, and fifteen sick days later, I'm still not better. It's ridiculous. I was initially diagnosed with pneumonia but now they aren't sure, and they can't rule anything out- including cancer due to my previous smoking history (quit years ago, but still). The chance it is cancer is slim, but there does seem to be a nasty infection 'somewhere' in my body (X-Rays keep coming back clean) with the concern being it may move into an organ, or my bones or something and THAT would be baaaaaad news indeed. I remember working on human remains (bones) that had evidence of nasty infections in the bones and thinking, 'ouch, that's what likely killed this guy'. Hmmmmm...

There is a sligh chance I'll be hospitalized (yikes) this weekend, but more than-likely I'll stay free (and sick) until I get an 'emergency' CT-Scan. I say 'emergency' with the parenthesis because as an outpatient that still means at least a two-week wait. Yes, free universal healthcare is wonderful but you do sometimes pay for it with time (waiting). The plus side to being hospitalized is that I'd get all my tests done very quickly but the downside is.... well, I'd be in a freaking hospital. On days like today where I feel so bad (I was up from 2-3am with chills/sweats, and cough) I think it would be best, but I really hate hospitals (don't we all). Never fear, I've got some coverage above and beyond the basics so I wouldn't be thrown in with the sick and dying plebs on the 'free ward' but still. How would I play any decent games? With everything being on Steam, or online these days, I've lost the art of playing games without an internet connection.

Yes, even sick I worry about my gaming. And speaking of, I've only just realized I played my 10,000th World of Tanks battle last night. I was checking my stats today and saw that magic number. I can't even remember which match it was lol, but I do remember it was a win simply because I always quit on a win.

I've also gone over to the dark side as She Who Will Be Named Later and I have got I-phones (so long Android). So far, I'm not impressed. It's not very intuitive and getting stuff set up is a pain in the ass. The wi-fi range is a joke and needs tweaking so we can use it throughout our own house. I've always said that if soooo many people like something, it must be shit (farmville anyone) and I may be right. Time will tell, and since we have a two-year contract I have to lump it. Maybe I'll grow to love it as much as the other brainwashed idiots apple users. Who knows.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Best of luck with the hospital.

  2. Take care of yourself, you only get one life in this video game. Check yourself in if you can and get things taken care of as quickly as possible.

    You can play some crappy games on the iPhone. Pretty impressive for a hand held thingy but not great. I am actually growing fond of my iPhone after I swore I would be a droid user for life. Family plan and all.

    I like the GPS system. Never get lost anymore. Music and games are good. It is just growing on me.. maybe subliminal messages?

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks guys! As it happens the day I go to the Hospital for testing I start to feel better. Hopefully this will get sorted soon.