Tuesday, June 4, 2013

8.6 Arty Matchmaking. Premiums, Prepare to Get Crushed

Premium tanks enjoy (usually) special matchmaking. Tier VIII premium vehicles, for instance (my main bread winnners) never see Tier X tanks. Since many of them have really bad guns, this is good news. With the new arty tiers, however, they will now be seeing arties they normally wouldn't. What the heck am I talking about? Here is is:

Premium Tier 8 tanks like the Jag 8.8 and the Type 59 are in battle tier 8-9.

Current Tier 7 arty is in battle tier 10-11.

This Tier 7 arty is becomming Tier 9 arty in 8.6.

Tier 9 arty in 8.6 is battle tier 9-11.

Result: Get ready to meet tougher arties.

In addition I note the Tier VIII, IX, and X arties almost ALWAYS share the same top gun. The ROF and aim time changes but not the damage so guess what? That's right, you're gonna get crushed. The new Tier VIII German arty has the same gun as the GW Tiger. That's 2000 potential damage for battle tiers 8-10 which, by the way, includes Tier 6 medium tanks. ROFL. I'm not sure my Easy 8 can take that kind of damage ;)

Despite this being the 'big arty nerf' I'm looking forward to playing MOAR arty. Get ready to shed them tears gentlement. Oh, and the new French Tier 9 (with fully rotating turret) plays like the SU26 of the upper tiers. I may use free experience to get it because so far it's lots of fun and it looks bad ass.

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