Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taming the Tiger II

I'm continuing to play the Tiger II with much greater success than my first time around. I have broke through the 40% win rate and upped my average damage while 'grinding' out the E75. The next 'On Track Event' is imminent but the SEA server has already announced that the E100 will be the star of the show and since it's a global event..... BOOYA. I chose wisely this time. I've got 90k on the Tiger II so the next couple weeks will be nice. I can finish off the experience needed for the E75 with some increased income on my Tiger II. Overall I'm liking the playstyle, and once again I'm gobsmacked that I couldn't make this bad boy work previously. Damn I was a noob. My name should have been Noobius_Maximus.

A few more like this please.

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