Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get Ready To Test (WOT 8.6 Inc)

The 8.6 public test server will be starting in a few days (thank you FTR). I am looking forward to testing out the new, and 'balanced' arty. I've been holding off buying the Tier VII Object 212 while simultaneously grinding the Tier VI GW Panther in anticipation of the changes. I'll likey buy the Object as I anticipate it will be a bit cheaper now, as opposed to when it is moved to Tier IX, but we will soon see. If arty is completely gimped now, of course, I may re-think that.

I'm trying to get the GW Tiger unlocked because it's like a two-for-one tech tree special. For the first time Wargaming will be unlocking tanks replaced by new tanks......sounds confusing, but it's not. If you have an arty unlocked, and it is moved and replaced, you will get both unlocked. The GW Panther is being moved to tier VIII so I would have the new tier VI unlocked as well as the Tier VIII GW Panther. Same for the GW Tiger so it may make sense to get it now (I'm 80k away though so doubtful if I'll get it completely done without the use of free xp).

Arty, however, will no longer be punished with the experience penalty of -50% removed so it may not be worth it to grind the full 160k on the GW Panther... if you see what I mean. It will all depend on what the new arties cost to unlock and their credit cost to buy as well as their performance. I'm not a huge arty fan but I do like the change of game-play, I seem to be good with them, and the more people cry about too many arty, the more I want to play them!

The other things I am looking forward to include:

Tank Destroyers will also stop being punished. The -30% experience co-efficient will be removed. I will likely start grinding my Object 704 once again especially with the additional changes to the camo values (nets, and premium camo now add a set, cumulative value rather than an unknown multiplier based on the vehicle). Tank destroyers, I am predicting (and you heard it here first) will the the new target of whiners everywhere IF arty is indeed balanced (nerfed). 'OMG nerf tank destroyers I'm sick of being killed by invisible tanks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' will the the post of the day. Seriously, mark my words. First it was the Type 59 whine threads, then the focus really turned to arty, and next will be TD's. I guarantee it (no money back however as this is free after all). I really believe that some people would just rather have 15 heavies line up opposite each other and shoot till only one person remained.

I'm also looking forward to the nerf of premium ammo (depsite having some fun with the M4 Derp) and the penetration changes which should make heavy armor, well, heavy again. Lets face it, the premium ammo for credits debacle has really ruined parts of the game. I took my M4 Derp out and had 16 kills in two games. I also tried HEAT on the Hetzer and it really is an instant win button. I could almost 1-shot any tank I faced and make money at it as well. In the higher tiers armor is irrelevant as fast tanks with high pen rule the field. Hopefully this will make a difference and I say this as a medium tank player. Lets get back to balanced I say.

I will also start to play my beloved VK3002DB (don't care what it's called now I will also refer to it as the DB) which will get an MM reduction (in value, not tier). I'm already rocking this little tank (1400 efficiency) so I can't wait. The Indien Panzer will also get weighted less so I will likely dust it off as well (60% win rate atm). The new(ish) Tier IX and X meds will also be weighted lower but I'm not there yet so, meh.

There will be some economy changes as well and I've read a lot of conflicting (and translated) accounts of what is going to happen. I do know that Tier X will get a 10% boost or so to income and some of the lower tiers may or may not get a boost as well. There is some discrepancy as to whether lower tier Premium tanks will be affected but Tier VIII premiums will not get a boost. It's nice to see some positive changes to the economy because it is difficult to run upper tier tanks (especially now since some of them depend on premium ammo). In addition with all the new tanks in the game there is potentially a lot to buy. There are a few tanks I would love to buy but money is holding me back (and the fact I don't have time to play them all). They include:

  1. Tier IX E50- sold this but now I want it back. I'm fickle that way.
  2. Tier IX Patton- curious as to how it plays even though I was a bit average with the Pershing.
  3. Tier VIII T69- a pershing with an autoloader eh....... see above.
  4. IS7- yes I know it's one of the worst Tier X's atm but I've had it unlocked for over a year and feel I should buy it.
  5. Tier VII KV-13- I miss this and would rate it as one of my top 3 tanks in the game. Sold it a few months ago.
  6. Tier VII T25/2- I've been holding off on this because I want to play the Hellcat a bit more. Never enough time.....
  7. Tier VIII T-44...sigh, I keep thinking I should unlock the T-54 even though I sold this tank a couple months ago because I was sucking with it.
  8. E75- not yet unlocked but I'm over half way there so it's on the list.
Wow, looking at that list I realize I should start playing all my premiums more. Thanks to my compulsive nature, and the fact I have more money than sense, I have ALL the tier VIII premium tanks except the Lowe, and the T-34. Ahem, yes, that is a lot. Add in equipment for all those tanks and holy jeebus, that's a lot of cash I'd need to get them all. Realistically I' should sell off some of the tanks I currently have to house the new ones but will that ever happen?

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