Friday, May 24, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: WTS Pneumonia and Sexual Stereotypes

WTS: Bacterial Pneumonia, persistent strain impervious to two different antibiotics. Tired of sleeping? This strain is gguaranteed to let you stay up late coughing. Provides constant wheezing. Free inhaler if you act now!

Bloody hell this is a pesky little infection I have here. I never really understood how serious pneumonia was until I go it. It knocks the crap out of you and I can see why it does actually kill people. I first got sick on the 8th of April and was coughing by the 12th. I am now on my 3rd round of antibiotics which must be pretty potent because they are working. I should hope so for $80. I've been coughing and sick for 6-weeks now and I must say I'm sick of it (see what I did there). On the plus side I am starting to get better but damn it's been a while. I'm looking forward to being able to play with New Mouth To Feed for longer than 5 minutes at a time before needing to puff on my (temporary) inhaler.

And speaking of New Mouth To Feed, she is turning the ripe 'ole age of one this weekend. We are just now beginning to feel like we can get our 'regular' lives back as she is starting to sleep well in the evenings. This is a fun age, I must admit, and the 12-work-days (two and a half real weeks) I was forced to stay home with my illness was actually kind of nice. I am in danger of becoming forgotten at work, however, as my pat leave was followed by a two-week holiday and then over two full weeks off for the pneumonia. It's a damn good thing I'm very good at my job.

So family and friends will be in attendance which will be fun. I hope. I generally hate gatherings of people and when you toss into the mix my mother (with some very special issues of her own), my untill recently estranged father AND his new wife things are bound to get interesting.... and by interesting I mean horribly stressful. If it was up to me I'd just celebrate the occasion with the three of us but when it comes to social responsibilities and engagements I defer to She Who Will Be Named Later. I generally have a hard time initiating these things and most times, in fact, I don't even realize that they should be done. Social relations aren't my particular forte so She Who Will Be Named Later who excels in sociability is in charge of these matters. Just tell me where to go, when to be there, and how much I'm allowed to drink and I'll be happy.....or at least I can manage my anxieties appropriately. I'm always fine once the event gets going but the lead up to it is always anxiety-inducing.

So what do you get a 1-year old who has more stuff than she can possibly use? That's right, MOAR STUFF. I really have to restrain myself when it comes to buying things. I'll see something cool (everyone loves toys) and get it without thinking 'oh yea, she has lots of cool things already' and that doesn't include the basement room full of hideous pink shit that people insist on giving us because she's a girl. I've had to buy her clothes from 'the boys section' not because I wish she was a boy, but because I can't bear putting her in a pink top that says 'too cute'. The difference between boys and girls clothes is remarkable. I'm waiting for the pink new-born mini-skirt and half-tee combo that says 'Future Whore' on it. The boys section, of course, is filled with shirts that say 'little devil', and 'heres trouble' and the like. I really can't relate to what appears to be the norm.

Sigh, as I said, I'm not great with social-relations and such but I sure find people interesting to study. If only I could put everyone in a zoo where, when I felt like it, I could pop in to watch them. I'd take my daughter and she'd be wearing a shirt that says: "I'm a person first, and a girl second and I'm allowed to wear something that doesn't objectify me based on stupid sexual stereotypes. You bastards." Hmmm..that may be a lot to fit on a shirt. I may have to put the 'You bastards' on the back.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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