Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bulletin Board Funnies

One of the things I used to do here on my blog is make fun of the people I work with. None of them, of course, know about this blog so I'm safe..... I think. It's been a while, so if you missed the last one heres the scoop. My work-place has an electronic bulletin board where they list things for sale. I like to peruse it not only for the potentially good deals, but it's an interesting look into peoples lives- whether they know it or not. My favorite, so far, was the posting for both a wedding ring, and a striptease video. Hmmmmm....perhaps if one had been used the other wouldn't have been for sale?

In any case here's the latest: some bedding which, I would say, may not lend to the most peaceful sleep, and who, other than college kids in in the 1980's perhaps, would actually use this?

Gives me a whole new perspective on the lady who put this up for sale.

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