Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Breaking My Heart: "new game modes - not anytime soon"

"new game modes - not anytime soon"

This quote from the WoT head-honcho from here.

Of all the things they focus on I wonder why this is always the last despite it being wanted so badly by long term players.

It really breaks my heart- so much so that I have nothing to say. I've said it all before and don't feel like revisiting the issue. 9500 battles in and I'm still playing so they must be doing something right but OMG I'd like a new game mode soon.


  1. I think the main problem with new game modes is balancing. I mean, think how well the Encounter and Assault game modes have gone over - very poorly. Encounter not so bad, but many people do not seem able to play Assault.

    Also for something like Garage battles - if you could select 5 tanks say from your garage - you are going to end up with lots of people bringing, for exmaple one higher tier tank (VII+) and then some mid-tiers (IV-VI) because that is all they have - and then they will complain in droves when their Panzer III comes face to face with a KV-4 or something. Heavens, many players have not worked out how the current matchmaker works.

  2. Yea, very good points. Serb did say, regarding Garage Battles, 'What if your team are retards and you have to use up 4 more tanks with them'? lol.

    I guess we're stuck with more tanks as more content for the foreseeable future. Might be time to get into Company Battles or something again for variety. Tier 8 is turning into a gong show lately and I don't fancy Tier 10.

  3. Gank, Had a long post eaten by BlogSpot I guess. Any chance you'd be willing to post about the best deals for WoT gold that you've found?

    1. Hey Stormtrail,

      I bought a heap of those NVIDEA coupons off Ebay and some game-trading sites but they've all expired. I managed to get them from 50-70% of the cost gold normally is. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way of getting deals. A few of the 'cheap' gold sites I've investigated are more than dodgy (and I've used similar sites for other games successfuly in the past). What they are doing in WoT is two things:

      1. They use stolen credit cards to buy gold on your account for which you need to give them your details. NOT RECOMMENDED as it's illegal.

      2. You pay them cheaply with your credit card, and then they buy gold with their own credit cards (non-stolen) or paypal on your account (once again you need to give them log in details) and then they CANCEL THE CARD/TRANSACTION which means Wargaming will eventually remove the gold and/or tanks (if done through the gift shop) from your account.

      I've yet to see/hear of anything that is legit or safe other than buying from Wargaming. They are pretty good at keeping the real money economy legit and keeping out (most) hacks.

      You still in the same clan? RXR wasn't it?