Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Losing Streak Officially Broken and Other WoT Ramblings

I sort of took a page out of Mrrx's playbook last night and switched up my tanks after each battle though I will confess to playing both my Jag 8.8 and my Dicker Max twice in a row in an attempt to get a win. It worked, and all the other matches were wins as well so in true gambling professional form I 'quit while I was ahead' finishing the night with a modest 8-2. Sometimes you've just got to cut your losses and with the final episode of Broadchurch on it was easy to walk away from the computer. I don't often recommend police dramas but this is indeed one worth watching. It was broadcast on ITV so if you're in North America I recommend you find it from a torrent site (if you're into that sort of thing). Top notch acting with an extremely realistic script (for the most part, I won't get nit-picky) it's one I highly recommend.

My two week average is still below 50% in WoT, but that will even out, once again, in time. I note that the new patch will hit the EU server on Wednesday, and finally make it to us in NA on Thursday. There is apparently a pre-patch thingy you can download. This patch will see the introduction of premium consumables for credits, and a new line of German medium tanks featuring, as the ultimate goal, the Leopard I. I didn't even realize until I was at the Tank Museum that this tank was purchased and used by Canada for a very long time. I doubt I will ever get to the this tier 10 tank, but I do have 81k of experience on my VK3002DB waiting to unlock the Tier VIII Indien Panzer. I've seen mixed reviews of it, and although the front is so sloped as to make it virtually impenetrable, the shots all apparently bounce straight up to the un-armored gun mantle and take out the gun. Not exactly a desirable outcome in a fighting vehicle I must say.

My trek toward the Patton (Tier IX American Medium) continues (I'm 45k away) though I continue to wonder why. I like the challenge of the Pershing mostly, because I'm not looking forward to Tier IX. My last experience with it was the E50 which I rage-sold after 60-odd battles. It was a good enough tank, but I was sick of the matchmaker pitting me against heavies. My last battle with it saw 4 E50's as the top tank on my team against 4 IS4's (when it was the Tier IX monster). The fact that I can still remember the map, and the details of the battle, are a testament to how mad I was.

The patch following (8.6) is going to be a rather big one with the re-distribution of artillery and the addition of Tier IX and X arties. Basically the Tier VII and VIII's will get pushed up and new ones will take their place. I've played around with various artillery (1300 or so battles total) and find that I generally prefer the Russian line when I play them. I've unlocked the Object 261 (?) which is the Tier VII artillery and will likely buy it before it gets bumped up to Tier IX and becomes that much more expensive (I'm assuming though I think it's already around 3 million credits so maybe it will stay the same). I don't have the urge to play arty a lot but I do have fun when I play it. Like Quake Riley said in one of his videos, it's like a 'point and click adventure'. Nice and relaxing and the added tears in general chat are a bonus!

I also have the GW Panther but it just doesn't appeal as much. I know it's a more accurate piece, and the mobility is nice but to be honest when I play arty I'd just rather sit still and make a few things go BOOM before I get killed. I also prefer the high arc of the Russian line which digs those pesky campers out from behind their rocks. Yes, I said it, arty PREVENTS camping and that's a fact. Don't believe me? Try facing two Jagtigers sitting hull down and completely blocking a choke point with no arty to back you up. I use this example because I was one of those Jagtigers and an entire column of heavies died trying to get passed us. One arty on the team would have made that a very different fight. As for the argument that people are afraid to go out into the open when arty is around I really don't know what to say. I was killed last night by an arty shot and it was only the second time that happened in over 100 games. It was a nice shot by a GW Panther and I didn't begrudge him his kill any more than I would have if it had been an 'invisible' tank destroyer who had got me..... or a fast light.....or a heavy..... I guess what I'm trying to say is, um, L-T-P?

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