Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wow. Is That The Time?

Wow. I just checked the date of my last post. Yikes. My poor, neglected blog <sobs>. If it's any consolation I've also been neglecting my fledgling You Tube channel with only three videos in the past month or so and no video today on my 'Two Battle Tuesday' day. Bad Gank.

Would you like a list of reasons? No, I don't blame you. Excuses are boring. Would you like me to promise I'll do better? Too bad, I'm can't. I'm busy, tired and when I'm not tired, or busy, I'm sleeping or hanging with my family (which means I'm busy). There we go- obligatory excuse done.

What I have been doing is gaming- but not much of it. I still get a few WoT battles in daily and I am currently playing a lot of Gnomoria because it's easy to jump in, and easy to leave when the baby demands it. I've also made my first foray into GoG (good 'ole games) and bought an older, turn-based fantasy strategy game (yes that long fancy intro is to make up for the excuse that I've already forgot what it was lol) which I need to try. I haven't even loaded Hitman: Absolution which I pre-ordered and have had in my Steam library for ages. I also have a copy of Tropico 4 that was given to me (and a spare if anyone wants it) that I need to look at.

Two things are certain- I am never, ever pre-ordering a game again (except for Rome II Total War) and, um, well, I can't remember the second thing, but the first holds true- at least not from any "AAA" publishers. I'll still support promising indie games but with idiots like EA ruining classic games (Sim City) and buffoons like Firaxis not fixing others (X-Com) I'm done with those. I'm sick of forking out $50+ to get hosed or treated like I, as the consumer, don't matter. If I want to throw money away I'll buy more WoT gold (I'm nearing $700 total spent on the game...ouch). At least I still play it daily and, despite it's flaws and general monotony, it keeps me happy.

Fun fact- my page views over the few weeks that I HAVEN'T been posting have remained constant so I wonder if anyone actually notices when I go absent. I estimate that there are less than 10 regulars here at the 'ole blog and a handsome group you are! Thanks for sticking around.

As for the You Tube endeveour I'm still debating the future of that. I do like certain aspects of it, but it is a lot of work. My actual job can be quite demanding on my ability to withstand humanity as a whole so some days I can't face the trolls- even though they are few and far between they are still annoying. They take little bits of my mental energy that some days I just can't spare. You Tube may not be the best format for me but I will stick to my decision to do 100 videos and see what happens.

So there, you're all updated. Carry on.

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