Friday, March 15, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: Curtis Woodhouse Got Duped. The Trolls Win Again.

The anonymity of the Internet makes brave men out of many of us. And by us, I mean you, shit head. You know who you are. Trolls the world over rejoice! You've scored two victories in recent days. Curtis Woodhouse, an (ex) world champion light-welter-weight boxer lost his title recently but made headlines when he confronted his Twitter troll after offering a one-thousand pound reward for anyone who helped him track the guy down. He found the troll in question, showed up on his street and twittered he was ready to meet him in person to, uh, discuss the situation. The troll being the cowardly maggot he is of course declined the invitation and twittered an 'apology' which satisfied the tormented boxer who claimed victory. Much like the recent (close) loss of his championship, however, he also lost this one because that apology wasn't, in fact, an apology.

Anyone familiar with the principals of Statement Content Analysis will see that for what it is: not an apology. The troll twittered this:

"I am sorry it's getting a bit out of hand. I am in the wrong. I accept that."

Yea, I'll fucking bet he was sorry that it was getting out of hand when a professional, and pissed off boxer turned up on his door. Who wouldn't be sorry that it was getting out of hand. I know I sure would be. Being sorry that a situation is getting out of hand (and you may subsequently take a savage beating because of it) is very different from being sorry that you trolled the irate party in the first place. 'Admitting' that you are 'in the wrong' is also not an apology. It's a statement of fact without any real remorse. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's all wrapped up to sound like he's sorry for what he's done, but what he actually says clearly shows he is not. He was sorry he got caught. That is all, so I am sorry, Mr. Woodhouse, but your Troll got away without actually apologizing to you. Looks like you lose on points again and if by saying that I make you mad enough to want to track me down, then I am sorry. Really.

A bit of a weird post (even for me) this actually has a point which does relate to my gaming activities (believe it or not). I make no apologies for the fact that I am easily trolled. I almost always react because though I know they like the reaction, I don't feel they should be able to get away with it. It's like bullying- you can turn the other cheek all you like but at some point you have to deal with it. My recent You Tube endeavor is coming to a close in no small part because of the odd troll and other ignorant idiots who turn up in the comment section. My blog is nice because it attracts a different crowd (those who can read for starts) and since I moderate all comments the trolls never get their day in the sun. You Tube, however, is like a shopping mall and your site is like a store. Any fucking idiot can pop their head in and muck things up.

With my free time dwindling due to a (still) difficult baby I am finding it hard to muster up the energy to do You Tube videos. I often get the choice to either play for an hour or play for 15 minutes and spend 45 minutes getting a video of it ready to upload. When I then have to face ass-hats in the comment section it can all become too much. I don't do You Tube for cash (I've yet to see any income or even any 'proposed' incomes since becoming a 'partner') so I have to look at it as another hobby and one that I no longer have the time or energy for. If not for the trolls I might stick with it- posting a video here and there- but for now I'm done. The trolls win but at least I, unlike Curtis Woodhouse, know it.

Happy Friday!


  1. You can set videos to have approved videos as well as just deleting any cunt there. YT has more insulting than criticism, but don't mistake a simple critic for a troll.

  2. Ohh, sorry to hear that you won't be producing more videos. Please reconsider! :) I really appreciated the one's you have produced. A very affable and down-to-earth feel to them, and without the all to common rants/curses.