Friday, March 22, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: Bring on The Museums

After much wrangling, and train/plane/ferry consultation the final details of next weeks trip have been set out and it's a doozy. Life is never simple and when you have friends, families, and interests scattered across a few continents (and islands) things get kinda crazy.

As it stand we start off by driving 7 hours in the complete opposite direction that we want to go (west) to an entirely different city to catch our first flight. This is because, you may recall, I live in the fecking sticks and no decent airlines operate out of here (for a reasonable price). Following this lovely drive through the Canadian praries (booooooooring) we fly to London (the big smoke) where we have the pleasure of then jumping on another plane to Edinburgh (my ancient nemesis). After what I'm sure will be an extremely restful two days (not) we drive, yes drive to Belfast (ferry crossing and drive combo approximately 7 hours). Then, finally, we get to chill out for a few days, attend a wedding, and catch up with old friends whilst dodging terrorists intent on killing and/or maiming children.

Following that I am being freed by She Who Will Be Named Later who will be taking New Mouth To Feed back to Edinburgh (via car and ferry again) to see the in-laws (yes, I am lucky in missing out on that). I am heading to Dublin by train to visit friends and locales I've been away from for some time (that means a butt-load of pubs). After two days of that I am taking off for some alone time in Dorset. This is the first time I've travelled anywhere unknown to me, on my own, in a very, very long time. It's something I used to do a lot (for my job and for personal enjoyment) but as life changes, of course, so do your travel habits. I'm using the time to check out the Bovington Tank Museum, chill in some Real Ale Pubs (are you sensing a theme yet), eat my weight in proper fish and chips, and savor some Sunday Papers (The Observer). I'll then head into London to see two exhibits at the British Museum (I've been there loads of times to this is a tactical strike on the new Pompeii exhibit and the Ice Age Art exhibit) and attend my favorite Mexican restaurant (outside of Mexico) nearby. This makes more sense if you recall I worked as an archaeologist in Central America (and elsewhere) once upon a time.

We wrap things up with an overnight at Gatwick Airport (in a hotel, not on the floor), and then its a quick 7-hour flight back to Canada followed, of course, by another 7-hour drive back home and bang, bobs your uncle! Total away time: 12 days. Yikes! It's gonna be busy, but fun. If nothing else it will be a reminder of how we used to live (trips like that were quite common once sans baby of course) and will emphasize how much we enjoy our more static and stable life now. I spent 10-years away from home and during that time I had a lot of adventures and seen some fantastic things. I do hope my current city won't be the last one I live in (please god, no, it's the third day of spring and all the roads out of the city are closed due to snow storms) but I am happy to be where I am- figuratively speaking at least- for now.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Well now, you are going to be perilously close to me for at least some that :) Local pride says my village has the best chippie in the South-West :D

    Hope you have a marvellous time.

  2. It's a small world, isn't it? I'm flying into Bournemouth from Dublin and then staying in Dorchester. If your famous chippie is along that route, let me know and I'll be sure to check it out!

  3. Hehe, not quite along the route :) I am in Somerset, the neighbouring county. Starting to plan my own trip to Bovington some time this summer - the logistics are going to be a mite easier for me than you :D

  4. You picked a fine time to travel laddie! I look forward to tales of how you made it thru the Graet Storm of 2013. Safe journey!

    1. Well, it's still -29 C here in the mornings so anything has got to be better! At least I can't be blamed for 'bringing the snow with me' as you've had plenty before I'll arrive.