Monday, February 18, 2013

World of Tanks 8.4 Test Server: Insert Catchy Comment/Opinion Here to Imply I Care.

The test server is up, and yes, I have been on it. I launched my You Tube channel on the back of the 8.3 update and was ready to do some videos for this one. The new British Tank Destroyers will be on everyone's mind and there is the new (overpowered) Premium Russian Tank destroyer to consider as well. I was getting set to do some videos and then suddenly- bam! Everyone released 8.4 videos. Quake Riley did an over-view video, and then the 'big boys' (those with 4k subs and up) weighed in: Jingles, Zeus, Rising Sun....all of them now have videos showcasing the new tanks. Side Strafe has said he may take a look as well (20K+ subs).

I'm fairly new to You Tube and I'm not sure what I could offer, in terms of information, that these other channels won't. Oh sure, there's my sunny disposition, my out-going personality, and stunning good looks (though SideStrafe may edge me in that category because he's a handsome bugger, rawr!)  but my subscribers are all likely to be subbed to at least one of those other channels so I wouldn't expect a lot of views. Views aren't the only consideration in my video choices, of course, but it is nice and I can't help but obsessing over them. I did the same with the blog in the beginning- checking my page views (8) and hoping I'd get more until I just stopped caring and did it because I liked it (I now get around 150 a day mostly due people reading my back-posts and spam sites hitting me up).

I find the viewers from test server preview videos to be very.....transient. I did get a lot of attention, and thus subs, from my 8.3 videos but a lot of those bigger channels didn't bother covering the new Chinese tree (suggesting, of course, that those channels are racist....for those not used to my humor, yes that's a joke). On a side note it was quite funny looking at the 'likes' and 'dislikes' for two of my videos. The Tier VII Chinese light preview, in which I said the tank was good, only got something like one dislike. The Tier VI light review in which I said I didn't like the tank had almost more dislikes than likes. Same video (production values, narrator, etc), different opinions. Ahh well, the mind of the You Tube commenter is not to be understood I guess.

So back to the channel and the 8.4 update. I'm likely going to mess about but I'm not sure I'll get any videos out. So far the British TD's are juggernauts and I will be grabbing at least the Tier 5 and/or 6 one. 200 armor in those tiers? Yes please! I'll take a double dose of overpowered lol armor until they nerf it.... likely after we've spent enough money on free experience. They'd best nerf that bloody Russian artillery-on-wheels (Tier 6 TD) as well. It hits a ton and is capable of one-shotting loads of tanks. Sigh, do you remember when premium tanks were NOT as good as regular tanks and the only draw was they earned more credits? What ever happend to that I wonder? Oh ya, power creep and corporate greed.

So you see the endless parade of 'new' tanks to grind has resulted in me getting a bit bored with it all. I never much liked grinding and since that's all they seem determined to offer (more tanks to grind vs. new things to do) I'm getting a bit 'meh'. There are so many tanks now that they are just basically new skins- somewhere there is a tank which fulfills the role of the 'new' ones so why bother? Cromwell, E8...Tortoise, T95..Chinese Tree, Russian Tree.... yawn. At the very least it puts me in a 'mood' which should result in some humorous videos.

I am going to use the free gold to check out a few premium tanks (IS6, Lowe) that I've not tried before and play some Tier 10's just for fun. I usually only preview Tier 8 and below because that's what I play but this time around I'll have some fun with the big boys! If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know and I'll try to get a video up. In the meantime the next Two Battle Tuesday is almost ready.... I'm uploading it now and it will be ready for tomorrow.

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