Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Problem With You Tube And I

Or is it the 'the problem with me and You Tube'? Either way the problem with You Tube is that it tells you things. Things like how many people watch your videos, and worst of all, how long they stick around for. Thus far 70% of my viewers leave after less than a minute. Doh! Talk about a kick to the teeth of my ego. Don't get me wrong- I realize that my particular style (ie who I am) isn't going to attract droves of loyal followers. You Tube may not be the best medium for me. I'm a lot like a fungus...... it takes a while for me to grow on you so the clicky McGees of the world, used to loud or cheerful commentating will dissapear fast.

You Tube personalities seem to come in the shouty "I'm so angry so you must listen" or the uber "I'm very polite" type. There are, of course, many other styles abounding but realistically they don't get a lot of attention. The demographic of You Tubers is also young- similar to T.V. I'm assuming- though I could be wrong. People like myself may attract smaller groups of like-minded individuals (we're old lads, lets face it) but unfortunately those bloody stats are still there. Laughing.

My last Gnomoria video, for instance, was just over 30 minutes and the average view time was 5. Yikes. Maybe it's time for a new virtual career. The joy of blogging is you have no idea how many people load up your post and then go 'this guy is shit' and then click away. I can delude myself that 100 page views today means 100 loyal followers read each and every world I wrote..... not true of course but that's the great thing with deluding yourself.

Now I could get angry on You Tube. I like to shout and I especially like to curse (something I don't do in my videos). Maybe instead of starting each video with 'Hello everybody, and welcome back to World of Tanks' I should go with 'Alright you fucking noobs it's time to watch me kick some tank-ass!'. Too insulty?

The other problem is that there is no standard by which to judge yourself. You Tube isn't exactly helpful to the new, smaller channel. There is no information about average view times, average subscribers per video, or what to expect as you grow your channel. Is 111 subs good for a new channel with less than 50 videos? Is a 30% average view rate okay? Do the view rates include everytime you click your video to edit it (because that would account for why so many Canadians watch so little of my videos now wouldn't it?), etc, etc. You Tube, in fact, are a bit crap but then again they are dealing with soooo much stuff being uploaded they can hardly be expected to hold everyones hand. All I'm left with then, is my own standards of what 'successful' is and, if you are a long-time reader you may already now, they are quite high. Often unreasonably so.

'But Gank', you cry 'you should be doing it because it's fun'. Well, yes, should be being the operative phrase there but I have some difficulty in having fun. I always want to organize and maximize the fun which often takes all the fun out of it. Hmmmmm...vicious cycle it seems. You tube analytics are very good but they can make Stat Monkeys like me want to cry virtual tears of frustration.

I have decided to stick with it and evaluate my channel after 100 videos. I'm roughly half way there at the moment so there is some time left. In the meantime I'll try to have some of this 'fun' everyone seems so keen on and maybe, just maybe along the way, I'll do a few rage videos to boost my stats. Would you like that? WOULD YOU?

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