Monday, February 25, 2013

I Just Want To Be Heard

I consider myself a reasonable person but the thing about that is it's very subjective and perfect strangers reading my words may not know that. (I'm also terribly funny, in a quiet, Canadian way, and devastatingly handsome but that's beside the point). Forums abound with people mouthing off about all sorts- especially when it comes to games. Fanbois, rage-quitters and other enthusiasts are likely to be the core group visiting and commenting on such sites. Hows anyone supposed to know who's worth listening to?

After playing World of Tanks for over two years, and spending around $600 along the way I've had my share of ideas, and upsets. Some things I still really like about the game (TANKS!) and some thing really frustrate me (let's not go there). I try not to get into 'meta-game' discussions anymore. I've said a lot about features I think would benefit the player, and the company and yes, I consider those suggestions to be reasonable. It's nice, then, almost a year after writing them, that someone finally took the time to listen, or at least acknowledge I did so.

Today on Overlords Blog (a World of Tanks dev blog for those not in the know) one of the devs checked out my post on some old ideas of mine and said thanks. How nice is that? I wouldn't think I'll live to see them implemented, but still it's pretty cool. I like the think I know the game fairly well, and I especially know what it's like to be a pro-PUGer where things can get pretty dull. A few extra tweaks here and there would make a world of difference and keep whales like myself on the line for some more cash.

Cheers Overlord. I appreciate being heard.


  1. Hearing from the Overlord..... Grats on the achievement :) .

  2. Overlord is a cool guy. He went to work on WoWp ages ago, he still goes (or did when I wasn't banned) on the EU forum and answer things people ask on the WoT forum. He doesn't even work on WoT anymore, has no obligation to it and yet still does it.