Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Saturday

Ahh good ole Saturday. It used to be the day I'd post a video of whatever song I had in my head but I haven't done that for some time. Musical tastes are quite personal and I realize that not everyone will like what I like. Ridiculous, I know, but people insist on not following me and my good tastes. A lot of the music I like doesn't really fit my demographic (North American, 40+ white dude) but you can blame my tastes on the fact I lived abroad for some time and married 10 years my junior (yea, lucky me).

Today I am posting a World of Tanks artillery kill montage set to one of the songs that has previously featured here on my Saturday Tune: Lemon Jelly's Nice Weather For Ducks. I will admit that I consider what people may, or may not like when I do You Tube videos but this one is purely for me (and whoever else enjoys it of course). A labor of love with music I like, I present to you Nice Weather For Artillery!

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