Monday, January 21, 2013

Omerta: City of Gangsters. Gank's Next Thing

I have been looking to add something new to my You Tube offerings for a few weeks now but could never decide on what. I've not played many new games recently as World of Tanks is keeping me busy, and content in my gaming-life. Good news for those of you still checking in and not interested in tanks, my next big thing will be, well, something new!

Omerta: City of Gangsters is a new offering by Kalypso, the folks you brought you Tropico (that's good news) and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (not such good news) and they have graciously given me permission to go ahead with a You Tube Let's Play series! I've always loved the idea of Mafia games but not since my Play-By-Mail days have I found any that interest me enough to play (yes I'm that old I played multi-player games without a computer).

I love tactical strategy games, and I love the Mafia theme so I decided to plunge in and pre-order this one and turn it into my next You Tube offering. Huzzah! There have been some less than stellar previews about this one but I'm not letting that dampen my spirits. Come to think of it, if that phrase refers to booze then yea, I'm never letting anyone ever dampen it (if that means watering them down, of course, but if it means making them stronger then I'm all for that). In any case I will make up my own mind while playing and post a review of it here as well.

In my conversation with Kalypso I was asked directly if I had played Tropico 4 and I told them that no, I hadn't because it looked too similar to Tropico 3 (which I loved) to bother with (yea, I know not the brightest thing to say while trying to get permission to do a You Tube series). They, in turn, sent me two Steam keys for Tropico 4 to try out. What a nice bunch! I'm keeping one for myself, obviously, but will be giving the second one away to promote my Omerta Let's Play series so sub to my You Tube channel to stay tuned for that. I also still have that pesky Assasin's Creed 3 key to give away.... must think of something clever to do with that.

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