Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gank's Games of the (Previous) Year And Some New Years Thoughts

Yes I'm aware that every blogger and You Tuber is likely doing this but I don't care! This is my very short games of the year list and yes I know it's exactly one day too late. It's short because I'm extremely hard to please and there didn't seem to be a lot of good games released until near the end of the year. That or everything since May has been blanked from my memory due to the arrival of our newest, only, and final baby. So, here it is:

#3 X-Com Enemy Unknown

I said it previously and I stand by it: It's both the best strategy game I have ever played as well as the worst. This game is good, don't get me wrong. I'm not pining away for the original or anything like that either it's just that, well, it not only could have been so much better, but, oh, I don't know.... could have been released without so many game-breaking bugs. At the very least they could have addressed the bugs before trying to sell us new DLC. Greedy bastards.

#2: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead accomplished what no game has ever done- it made me feel. It made me care about the characters and made me want to see what happened next. It was emotional, well delivered, and looked nice. I can't wait for a sequel and this was soooo close to being my number one choice.

#1 Torchlight II

Torchlight II was perfect. Absolutely perfect. It delivered what it promised and more. Here is a game that truly lets you play on your own terms with the fantastic modding ability built-in. It is a lot of fun, visually stunning, and I couldn't come up with a single thing I wish it had, or that could be improved and that is not something I have been able to say about any game, ever. In so far as you accept that this is a dungeon crawling, loot based game, it is easily my game of the year. I couldn't be more impressed with what they've done.

So that's that then. Another year down and what a doozy is was. Looking back on the highlights I'd have to say it was, hmmmmm, let me see.......... making a human being. Well, the making took place a while before she arrived, but I guess bringing her into the world and then getting the opportunity to stay home and get to know her is the highlight. The low of the year? It also revolves around this little human. Harder and more emotionally taxing than I could ever expect, in general, but specifically was that moment, at 0440 on May 26th, 2012 when the babies heart rate monitor began to slowly drop and I thought we were going to lose her. Thank God for modern medicine and the miracles it can provide.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's not make a big deal about it. Carry on with your lives, make some changes if you think it necessary, but overall try to be happy with what you are, and what you have.

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