Friday, January 11, 2013

Fortuitous Friday: There's Nothing Free Here. Move Along.

Oh poor blog readers. You must be feeling neglected now that I am running with that fast and loose set, the You Tubers. I've been putting out videos over the last week (and playing games) but haven't been posting here. When I do it's just to put up my newest video to get Exposius Maximus (that's how we say it in the show biz world in case you didn 't know). For Shame Gank, For Shame.

I've even forgotten to even put up my latest videos (I'm two behind here on the blog) so the neglect is really piling up. I've been playing a lot of WoT lately as my videos have re-kindled my interest in the game. It's a good venue to practice You Tubing on because I am familiar and comfortable with the game itself. It allows me to find my style without worrying about learning a new game which leads to it's own problems. I don't want to have a World of Tanks channel, I want a game channel that includes other games I'm into. The main problem with that, of course, is time as well as the fact that WoT is all I've played lately.

I've often wondered who reads my Friday posts. Mostly about everything but games I would assume it's people who have been reading me for a while and- in their own way- care something about the person behind the blog. I think that's really nice and if you are one of those, thanks. Now that my rather boring post has likely frightened the casual reader away I have a copy of Assassins Creed III I am giving away. I would like to give it to someone who is a regular reader as opposed to a stranger but if there are no takers then I will do some You Tube channel promotion thingy and give it away to someone who has only just subscribed in order to take advantage of the free giveaway and won't watch anything I ever do again... probably.

Please read the small print:

Small Print: I got this code free with my video card purchase and have not tried to use it. I am assuming you put in the code and get to download the game. If it is anything more complicated than that I'm not responsible. If they need extra information- such as my name or the serial number of my video card (or something like that which is vaguely personal) the deal is off. I have the code and if you use it and it works, great, if not.... shrugs.

So if you are a regular let me know if you are interested. How will I know if you are a regular. Well, I suppose if you have ever commented previously, or are on my blog-roll then I guess I know you, in the virtual sense, and am happy to give it away. If there are more than a few who want it I will come up with some random way of distributing it.

On another fun note, just to wedge all that free game stuff in a text-sandwich, I booked my tickets to Ireland. Huzzah! You will, as a regular, recall that friends are getting married in Belfast (I know, nothing's perfect and by that I mean Belfast, of course, and not the wedding which is good news) and when She Who Will Be Named Later heads to see family in the UK (with New Mouth to Feed in tow) I am travelling to the Republic to see friends and visit pubs which is pretty much what I did for the entire six years I lived there.

All that is a bit of an oversimplification really as I have to drive 7 hours west, then fly eastward (back over my house practically) to London, and then fly to Edinburgh, and then rent a car, and then drive to the ferry, and then boat it to Belfast, and then, then I will head south to Dublin...and then Waterford and Cork by train...and then rent a car.... well, you get the idea. It's going to be an action packed 10 days boy-o!


  1. Not really any interesting in the game - and of course no time - so I'll give that a pass.

    Sounds like it will be quite a "fun" journey. I hope New Mouth to Feed is a good traveller - Melian was so interested by everything she never really got upset.

  2. It will be a 'journey' that's for sure! I'm hoping she does okay as well. She sleeps in the car just fine though 2.5 hours has been our longest car-trip so far. I actually have to drive her to sleep a few times a week as she is very nap-resistant. I'm hoping the roar of the plane will put her out.