Friday, November 30, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Get in the Fort

I came across this on a T-shirt site and it made me smile:

Today, as we know, is the day I leave the house to get booze. Now that kind of makes me sound like a shut-in, or an alcoholic, or perhaps even an alcoholic shut-in, but rest assured I do leave the house on other occasions. Stnylan's comment on my last post made me, once again, thankful for Canada and it's generous parental leave policy. Since She Who Will Be Named Later is taking leave without pay for two years to attend to New Mouth To Feed, I was able to sign on for the nearly 9 months of parental leave that the mother usually takes. My employer, in exchange for the continued use of my very unique talents (no really, there are only a few hundred of us in the world) is also contributing funds to the cause. This means, essentially, we don't have to worry about money in that my wages stay the same. Yes, I know, and yes, I'm thankful for being so lucky.

So today I am writing this in the middle of pretty damned good pillow fort (if I do say so myself as I made it) whose primary purpose is to prevent New Mouth To Feed from rolling all over the place since she has now mastered that skill. I found this out last week when I was on the laptop, much as I am now, and she simply rolled over to me and started kicking me in the back as if to say 'Hey, I'm here, now what'.

They say that kids change your life and I think that those without kids misinterpret that as something negative. While it can be bloody hard (for the love of God why won't she nap in the day) and it is a change I think it's more of a shift as opposed to a change. My life is, of course, very different, but it feels to me that she's always been here, and in a way, she has (genetics anyone). She is, luckily for her, the spitting image of myself so that definitely helps with the familiarity aspect of it all. I wasn't looking forward to being a parent (I did wait until 42 after all) and I don't define myself by it, but having her is easily the best thing I have ever done. And now I have to go and play peek-a-boo with New Mouth to Feed who has once again rolled over and is kicking me in the back.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

World of Tanks 8.2 T71 Gameplay

Wow...forgot to post this here the other day! US Tier VII light tank in action. Overall, I kind of like this tank. Oh, and they noted the price was too high and have lowered it on par with other tier VII tanks.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Nerds Will Do Just About Anything

You know when you search Google for:

New motherboard has power but won't boot up

And then, five hours later you search YouTube for:

How to fix a bent pin on a CPU

You know things are very wrong in the world of do-it-yourself computer upgrades. Needless to say I'm now awaiting a new CPU to be shipped because no one in this 'city' of 150,000 carries CPU's. I did come across possibly the best YouTube comment ever on a video about how to fix bent pins on a CPU:

"Linus, if there's any time you need your dick sucked or someone killed for you or something, I'm your man, because you just saved my CPU.
I used a mechanical pencil like you said and it worked perfectly. There was one pin that was just ever so slightly askew, and I managed to fix it, and now it boots up. Thank you SO much!"

Happy nerds will, indeed, do just about anything to get their computer repaired. No gaming, or videos from me until next week then :( Looks like I'll have to take care of a dozen or so tasks I've successfully been avoiding including reading (gasp), getting some fresh air (it really does exist I've just found out) and spending time with She Who Will Be Named Later and New Mouth To Feed. I'm also going to attempt to liquidate my 1905's and up comic collection on ebay to pay for said computer upgrades. Getting rid of old comics isn't easy but I do have some pretty good ones that might fetch a few hundred quid and the rest might find themselves in the recycling bin. A shame, yes, but better than rotting in my basement for another 30 years. X-Men Giant Sized #1 anyone?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WoT 8.2. So Long China, We Hardly Knew You

They never had a chance. World of Tanks has announced that they will not be releasing the Chinese tech tree which was the focus of the upcoming 8.2 patch. They state that they have analyzed the stats and want to do some re-balancing prior to launching them. I think it's a good move not for balance sake, but for the fact these tanks were, for the most part, pointless. Most were copies of tank already in my garage so I couldn't see the point in them. Others, the Tier VIII lights for instance, could negatively impact some of the existing roles of the Tier VI lights already in-game.

As I explore in my newest video, the T71 is a pretty good little scout with a 6-round drum loader and doesn't bleed the credits of a tank like the Chaffee. These poor Tier VI 'dedicated' scouts. What will happen to them if higher tiered, better performing, and cheaper-to-run tanks are released? 'Dustbin' springs immediately to mind.

I've said it so many times I'm beginning to bore of it, but new tanks DOES NOT equal new content. If want to increase the longevity of World Of Tanks they really need to start thinking about how to freshen up the game without just adding new things to grind for. At some point, we can imagine, that every known, planned, and dreamed tank will have been considered and possibly put into the game. What will keep us interested, playing, and paying then? Hopefully their business plan extends beyond the hope everyone will just switch to World of Warplanes and forget about the fact World of Tanks is getting a bit dry.

Monday, November 26, 2012

WoT Test Server Gameplay

New video up, but you all knew that as you're subscribed ;)
Featuring Tier VIII Chinese heavy and medium game-play.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

World of Tanks 8.1 Tech Trees

Well I've promised, threatened, stamped my feet, and just about cried trying to get this done, but I finally have my new YouTube en devour underway. The World of Tanks 8.2 public test server release made me change my plans slightly but none-the-less it's begun and my new channel is called Gank Goes Gaming and once I get things sorted out I'll be featuring play from WoT, X-Com, and others!

This video looks at the upcoming Chinese, and US tech trees as well as the new British premium vehicles. Game-play footage is next.

First one to subscribe gets a free bucket of snow (pick up only).


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Walking Dead: Cheap as Chips

$12 on Steam (for the next 40 hours) for a game I will likely say is my Game of the Year. Why are you still here?

Operation Copy Thade

I'm wondering if you can 'work hard at gaming'? I suppose you can if you are, say a game developer, but if you are an average punter, like myself, can all the gaming and game-related projects you do be considered work? Maybe.

I've been quite busy lately behind the scenes. I did a brief You Tube video on World of Tanks and though I said it would likely be my one and only, I've got the bug. With my toe firmly in You Tube waters, I want more, more damnit! Like Thade, then, I'm launching a You Tube effort with a couple projects in mind. One of them is, like Thade, X-Com related and is almost ready. Yes, it does appear that I am copying Thade but keep in mind he has a big hammer and hammers are cool. And that's not a subconscious reference to his male bits either. Honest.

I am also reminded by my You Tube let's play inbox that The Walking Dead, Episode 5 is out so I will likely put everything on hold tonight to play that. I am soooo excited, and I can't actually believe I said that about a game. That should tell you all you need to know about the quality of it, and why you should buy it. In fact I'm disgusted that you haven't alt-tabbed this to go buy it.

So stay tuned for some vids coming sooon. I am, of course, posting here about all of this so never fear I won't desert you. Unless I get famous and then you're out of luck because I'll quickly forget all of you and live large in the limelight until I crash and burn, attend a 12-step program, and come back begging for forgiveness. Huzzah!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Hard Drive Makes Me Feel Old

"You can trim it down to a Gig."

That's a quote from some random forum I ran across while I was researching video recording software. The discussion was about Fraps and the huge files it makes. The poster said not to worry because you can render the files down to a gig or so. No big deal.

It made me feel very, very old all of a sudden. My first computer was an Macintosh Plus with two, yes two floppy drives which made it extremely fast...for it's time. I remember having a discussion on a BBS (Bulletin Board System) about adding a hard-drive to my system. I remember the poster saying that I would become 'addicted to the speed' of these new-fangled 'hard drives' but the cost was a bit prohibitive at the time. The size of the drive in question? 20 megs. Yes, that's megs, not gigs, or tetra-gigs, or whatever is the largest at the moment. Incidentally the use of a BBS also dates me quite well, doesn't it. What, you bellow, there was a time without the internet? How dare you!

I also remember when I used to go to actual computer stores to buy things whereas now I just e-shop at Newegg (though I have to say Best Buy is pretty good at competing with their prices). There was a couple at a Future Shop looking at a computer, and the salesman (working on commission) was telling them that the hard-drive, which was 100 megs or so, would never be filled up. I'm sure at the time it was true, but now that seems like a joke. I recorded 5 or so minutes of X-Com footage with Fraps and had a 3.6 gig file. How times change.

I had that old computer, with it's black and white screen, all through university. I was a gamer at heart, though, so my Apple days couldn't last. I eventually moved on to 'proper' PC's and haven't looked back since though there are times when I'm poised above my computer, hammer in hand, raging at the latest bull-shit error caused by Vista (which I'm convinced is the modern re-incarnation of Satan) when I long for those simpler days. Then again, no, not really. Modern gaming and computing is absolutely brilliant and the things we can do are amazing. The internet and all it's wonders (and dangers) has changed our lives forever though we tend to take it for granted.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Bring on the Booze

Well here I am with a precious few minutes (around 60) to myself as She Who Will Be Named Later has taken New Mouth to Feed out to the Nerdery (what some may refer to as a library) and what am I doing? Drinking a cheeky 11 am beer? Nope. Dancing naked throughout the house? Nope. Tormenting the dogs by eating their own food right in front of them? Yep, er I mean Nope. I'm writing this. I know, I know, you are eternally grateful. There's no need to thank me, really, but in the off chance you do I can post my pay-pal account information.

So it's Friday, again. It certainly is a hard-wired habit to be excited for Friday. I've been off work for nearly five months now and I still mentally mark Friday. I still tend to go to the liquor store on a Friday even though every day, technically, is Friday for me. For those outside of Canada, and especially Saskatchewan (thus living in a civilized part of the world) the sale of alcohol is regulated by the Provincial Government here and the 'liquor stores' are actually called 'Liquor Stores'. That is short, of course, for the catchily-named 'Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Liquor Store'. They are giant, warehouse-style stores filled with, well, booze.

The dodgy store I usually head to.

The ambiance is overwhelming isn't it?

They aren't the only place you can buy booze, but they are the only place you can buy spirits. There are a few 'independents' but they are, by law, forced to buy their own booze from, you guessed it, SLGA, and can NOT carry anything that is in stock in the liquor store. Confused? Yea, me too. I've been going to these liquor stores all my life and I still feel a bit dirty walking into one, like I'm doing something I shouldn't be. There are 'off-sale' stores which mainly stock beer as well but if you want anything nice, or don't want to pay an extraordinary surcharge you have to go to the liquor store.

In case you missed it, this is a LIQUOR STORE. Please form an orderly line to purchase your Government approved liquor.

You an always tell the type of neighborhood by the liquor store. In the one which is closest to me, when you walk in the first thing you see are the Malt liquors (Colt 45) and cheap, large cans of beer (Bud Light, Coors Light). In the other one that I frequent the first thing that you see when walking in is a locked display case of very, very fine Scotch Whiskeys of which the most expensive is $3,600. The closest store to me (yes, let's say it, the shabby one) is always more interesting because it straddles three different neighborhoods and it's always interesting watching the different people mingle together. From the ex-con with the tear-drop tattoo busking out front, to the well-dressed fellow jumping out of the Mercedes they all share a common interest: getting drunk on Friday.

I will give them this- there is a lot of variety and some giant-sized bottles of booze. For those in the UK, yes, that is a 1750ml  jug of Gin on the end. Get in! 
I do wish I lived in a place that didn't have prohibition-era like 'official' attitudes toward drink. Here in Saskatchewan we are pretty well known for our love of booze which makes this all the more hilarious. Having friends over usually means a table filled with bottles of various sorts as the unwritten rule is you always bring something, and no matter how much is left you leave it behind. I miss Ireland and the UK where alcohol is just a part of life and you can get it anywhere. I even miss the U.S. for that, although driving to the county line when you were stuck in a dry county (yes, they still exist) was always a pain. Nothing like a 40-minute drive (to another county) for booze to make you feel like you may have a bit of a problem.

Right so, that leaves me with a bit of time on my own, so I'm going to strip down, grab a beer and ride the dogs around the sitting room for some lols. Then I'm off to the Liquor Store with my ration book to get my Government Approved Alcohol and my loaf of stale bread.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unity of Command: Lacking Unity

There's nothing I like more than giving independent, turn-based, tactical games good reviews. Turn based games are pretty rare nowadays though high-profile games like X-Com are here to remind us this genre is not dead. World War II has inspired a lot of turn-based strategy games and I've managed to play a good many of them over the years with my favorites being from the Close Combat series. I don't have a set of ideals going into any given game other than I want it to both challenge and entertain me. Unity of Command came close but ultimately fails to hold my attention for the long term.

It is a good-looking game and it really does fall into the 'easy to pick up, hard to master category'. There is a hidden depth to this game that warrants some serious attention to the rather long PDF rule book that is included in the digital download. I use to carefully read rule-books while waiting for games to load (please insert disk #4 to continue) but not anymore. I just play other games while new ones are downloading or (gasp) go do something else entirely (like boring parent or work-related stuff).

^^ All of that is my fancy way of saying I can't be arsed reading the Unity of Command rule book- though I'm sure it's good.

I did enjoy Unity of Command until I started the campaign- of which there is only two: Axis or Allies on the Russian front. The entire game is set on the Russian front which is fine by me- it's one of the conflicts of WWII I'm really interested in. The game is full of scenarios but I'm not really a single-battle kind of guy. I like campaigns because they are more challenging and give me something to work toward (usually repelling the invading Hun).

The campaign is a series of scenarios which are all strung together. You are given so many turns to complete the scenario with extra prestige awarded for getting it done faster. Prestige is used later to reinforce units. Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn't it? I mean I know this is a game and we have to somehow simulate the pressing necessity of battle, supply, fog-of-war, command-structure, etc and games often use turns to do so. The problem is that in Unity of Command while they say it's 'best' to get it done earlier, what they mean is you have to or else you can't progress in the campaign.

Which annoys the hell out of me. If you want it done in 4 turns then bloody well say so. Don't say I have 8 turns and then punish me later. Here's what happened:

I played the first three scenarios of the Allies campaign. I completed the first three within the 'stated' amount of turns (obviously or otherwise I would have lost the scenario and the campaign would have halted) but not the 'optimal' amount of turns. Without warning, or explanation the campaign ended. Now, I suppose I would have seen this coming had I read the rules, but I refer you to the above non-rule reading bit of the post.

So I started again. This time I hammered the first, and third scenario. Full points for getting done by the 'optimal' turn. The second scenario was just a bit over the optimal but withing the stated. Guess what? Campaign over. Deep breath.........there you go....exhale......rage...subsiding, calm....returning.....

Oh who am I kidding. Calm rarely returns. This really annoyed me. Two of three scenarios perfect but still the campaign is halted. Excuse me whilst I swear. That is fucking dumb. If the campaign relies on me finishing by the optimal bloody turn then say so for pete sake. It is, for me, a game-breaker. I don't mind being punished for my poor tactical choices in a game (less resources next turn, fewer troops for the next battle, etc) but I dislike the campaign just ending and especially dislike it ending when I've won every scenario.

If you like quick battles this game may be for you, but if I wanted single, hex-based engagements with a tactical element I'd just play good-old fashioned chess. Well, okay, that's likely not very fair as this game offers good graphics, a smart AI, and is very reasonably priced (I got if for $15 on Steam but now it's $20). There is nothing wrong with Unity of Command but it doesn't offer me the long-lasting, engrossing campaign(s) I expect from a WWII strategy game. A more in-depth review can be found on Rock Paper Shotgun. Bottom line? Well worth $15 but for me, $20 would be a push.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WoT Mis-Matches

I have said that often in WoT you are either winning by a lot, or losing terribly and I think it is one of the most frustrating things about the game. Why, for instance, do you get 'more' experience and credits if your team wins? I understand it for Team Company Battles because, well, you're a team, but why for randoms? If reward was based solely on performance I would be much happier and wouldn't focus so much on my win-loss ratio, that's for sure. Come on, we've all had this happen: you're the last one left alive, have 2+ kills (often the only kills for your team), loads of bad-guys spotted, and in the end you get less credits/experience than you do when you play like shit and your team carries you. I'd rather just be rewarded for my own performance and not punished for the stupidity of others, but that's just me.

This game, posted over at stnylan's musings is the absolute worse team I have ever seen. Yikes.

Taken from Stnylan's Musings.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

X-Com: Classic Challenge Revisited or I Fought The Bugs and The Bugs Won

After my previous victory, Thade had to go and burst my egotistical bubble by pointing out that starting on Easy means you get better resources so even though I fought my battles on Classic, it kind of took away from my accomplishment of winning the game 'on Classic'. The last X-Com patch promised to take care of some bugs, including the SHIV bug which would either load an unarmed SHIV, or none at all. This was a particularly annoying one as those little buggers are pretty handy in later missions on harder levels.

I was very, very excited which only made my disappointment very, very noticeable when said patch didn't affect saved games, or take care of the SHIV blocking the doorway bug. What's a game addict to do? Why, complain about it in a post and then start a new game, of course. I have, for the record, found out how the bug works, exactly:

If you park the shiv by the door and then open it with one of your troops, the SHIV will forever block the door even if you move it back and away. You must send your troops through first or you're screwed. If you are playing Ironman, well, you're just screwed, like I was. It doesn't seem to mater if the SHIV is destroyed or not.

The latest patch has not, then, fixed all the bugs or made the game fully playable on Ironman as far as I'm concerned. I did try, really I did, but on my second mission a terrain bug which made me select the wrong end-point on my soldiers move saw him without any cover and quickly killed. The thing about me is, I hate to lose, especially if it's to bugs and not AI cleverness. I'm happy to play on Classic level but I could not abide losing a game I put hours into to a bug later in the game. I would rage like you wouldn't believe and I can't handle that kind of stress at the moment. I want to relax and stomp some AI noobs, not stress out and thus, I need to be able to re-load.

In the meantime I'll happily watch Thade and his battle against the Enemy Unknown in Classic Ironman.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: You Never Forget Your First

...snowfall that is. Well, actually you do if you live in Canada because there are just so damned many of them. Today is technically the second snow fall of the season, but with 30 cm already fallen and temperatures of -20 C it's here to stay. Sigh. Why did I move back here again?

Winter sucks.

The dogs are undaunted and it's business as usual.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Farewell KV-13, You've Been a Steady Comrade.

As far back as I can remember I've wanted to be a gangster....... No, wait, that's the beginning of Goodfellas. Let me try this again.

As far back as I can remember I've had the Russian Tier VII medium tank, the KV-13, in my garage. I used a lot of free experience to skip to it very early on, and played a ton of matches in it. I was using it to unlock the T-44, my original goal, and earned enough free experience with the KV-13 to do that and then some. I loved the KV-13. It was a hidden gem that most people overlooked. It is tucked away in the middle of the soviet tech tree and isn't required to unlock anything. You could skip it and not be affected in your march up the medium or heavy tech tree.

But it was a gem. It accelerated well, and was fast as hell- originally it went 60kph forward and 21kph in reverse- and it was armored to the teeth (around 105 max frontal with 80-100 or so on the sides and rear). It was extremely versatile and I don't think there was a single match I was thrown into where I couldn't find some role to fill with it: scout, medium, heavy, brawler, sniper.... it seemed to do it all. Notice the past tense.

Two significant 'nerfs' have affected the KV-13's overall performance and my enjoyment of it. First was the HE 'nerf' waaaay back when (6.something I think) which normalized HE damage and basically ruined all the tanks that relied on derp for maximum entertainment (like the Hetzer with the 105). Even with the buffs to HE later it was never the same. Lately the matchmaker tweak which sees you never face anyone two tiers higher than your tank set in motion the final nail in the KV-13's coffin. In the name of balance they took 10kph off the top speed along with some of the armor, traverse, and acceleration. The KV-13 always had a poor gun so without those other assets it has fallen into the realm of 'mediocre'. I've only played a handful of games since the MM re-balance but it's enough to know the glory days are behind this faithful companion.

The latest patch (8.1) has introduced 'gold' rounds for the cost of in-game silver. I have 11 million credits saved up and don't play the game much anymore so I decided to load 'gold' HE rounds into the KV-13's derp gun and give it one more fun-run before retirement.  As luck would have it I managed to go out with a bit of a bang, taking another blogger with me just before I succumbed to overwhelming odds. I have to be honest (well, no I don't, but I will on this occasion) and say I really, really wanted to kill him. In fact I was shooting over a T-59 medium tank that was in front of me to get him, but in fairness I've seen his record and combined with the tank he was driving, it made him the bigger threat... yea, that's the reason, not petty bragging rights on the internet :)

So I have not sold the KV-13 and put the top-notch crew into my T-44. I have also decided to use this occasion to make my first (and likely last) World of Tanks You Tube video, with commentary, showing the battle. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Reply to The Noisy Rogue, Sans Whimsy.

A reply is certainly in order to the Noisy Rogue who posted about a few of us who decided to stop blogging for various reasons. As you all know I am easily trolled, and the gross inaccuracies and, let's face it, outright lies did indeed get my attention. First, and I did actually laugh out loud at this one, was the obvious typo which, for a veteran blogger like himself, is just silly:

"... I thought that this was sad, because although he is a very silly man with dubious eating habits, I enjoy his whimsical blogging style... "

You see? That's just ridiculous. It's spelled 'd-r-i-n-k-i-n-g' not 'e-a-t-i-n-g', although come to think of it- hey, wait... whimsical? Really? I always thought of myself as a hardcore, journalist-like blogger of epic proportions and was getting very irate, quite frankly, that not a single gaming site has yet asked me to write for them. Hmmm, maybe he's right and whimsical is the way to go. I can see myself buying an I-pad and blogging whilst frolicking through a meadow full of blooming buttercups all the while twirling in my favorite frock. Wheeeeeeeee! It could be my new thing, unless it was actually my old thing and in that case it will just be more of the same. Huzzah!

Well, Adam was right after all. I did wake up and realize that my blogging wouldn't stop- whimsical or otherwise. I love to rant and She Who Will Be Named Later hates to listen to said rants. Oh, sure, she humors me but it's with the familiar nodding and 'uh-huh's' that I myself perfected on whatever she talks about on a daily basis. New Mouth To Feed is awfully considerate and will let me rant away for various lengths of time about a wide range of topics but in the end she usually just spouts back some unintelligible nonsense, chews my nose, and then poops her pants. That is, I have to admit, a lot more interesting than some of the blogs I come across and miles ahead of the average intelligence of a You Tube 'conversation' but yet, somehow I crave something more....meaningful. For better or worse this blog is it.

I was surprised to see there were a few others hurling their nappies and quitting the blogging game as well. I haven't read Kleps in a while (he went on a long WoW spree for a bit and I tuned out) but I did like his style an awful lot. Sometimes a break is in order but again (and it pains me to say this) Adam is right: leave your blogs up, morons, and if it's up, then don't fucking mark it private so no one can find out why the hell you stopped. Just saying.

So thanks to Adam who, despite his gross misrepresentation of the truth, gave me a much-needed kick up the virtual back-side and a heaping of encouragement. Keep blogging, morons, all we have is each other. Oh, and I realize now that the title of this post should have read:

A Reply To The Noisy Rogue: Now Mit Whimsy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

World of Tanks: 8.Something.Something.Something. Now With Tea and Crumpets!

I feel sorry for the British. Poor bastards have been on the front line of every major world war since the dawn of time, slugging it our for freedom and the right to drink good tea and warm ale (technically room temperature which is around 18 C in Britain, but I digress).

So the world says, 'Oh hey, lets stop Hitler shall we?' and the British went: 'Okay, right-o, we'll send the lads over.' America's response? 'Pffffff, fuck you, we're far away and making too much money from all of this.' The French? 'Non, we ave surrendered already, merci, and have sent our Jews, er weapons away.'

So for years the Brits take a pounding. Their homes are bombed, their men (and women) killed at the front, and their food supply was in such shortage that they instituted a rationing system that would destroy their taste for anything good, forever. And how does repay them? By waiting almost two years to roll out some British tanks. Good god. I'd make a comment about the Russians being ungrateful but since Canada has an education system that teaches actual world Geography (and the fact I can read) I know that are not Russian, making the claims of 'Russian bias' even funnier to me. But still- what the hell? The French before the British? In any case I think there's a special code to celebrate which will give you some Marmite rations and a vomit bag, but I could be wrong.

So yea, the British are here and while I don't want to be ungrateful for all they've done for us (railway networks, roads, and tea, anyone?) I could care less. I have, at this point, said all I can say about the game of World of Tanks. I've gone from 'Whale' to 'Free-loader', now only logging in occasionally to play some of my favorites from time to time. I'm so lazy I've deselected the assault and encounter modes so I don't have to think. I just want tank to go boom.

I read a couple of WoT-focused blogs (they do discuss other things, however so check them out) who keep me up-to-date on what's going on (specials and what not) so I barely read the WoT site anymore. It's all the same thing, over, and over, really, but I will say it is still the only FPS-like game I seem to enjoy. I was a supporter of the Chivalry Kickstarter and have yet to invest any real time into the game. It looks great but I don't have the mental energy at the moment to learn a new skill set. I played about for a bit (read, got killed lots while running around like an idiot) but nothing serious. I am happy to see there is a no-respawn feature/server however, and hope someday to master the game enough to give that a go...... yea, likely not gonna happen, but a guy can dream can't he?

So, as She Who Will Be Named Later, has just kindly pointed out, the rumors of my demise, or the 'doom and gloom the blogs ending attitude' I discussed previously had not come to pass. What have I been up to, then, gaming-wise which I'll likey be talking about in future posts?

1. Unity of Command- a turn-based WWII offering from two guys from Croatia.
2. Mark of the Ninja- Canadian company does good!
3. Prison Architect- yes, still, despite my complaining.
4. Torchlight II- finished the game (again) but this time with an Embermage and some mods.
5. Surfing You Tube- great time sink.
6. Kerbal Space Program- lots of fun and loads of potential in this alpha.
7. Television- thanks to the power of the internet  I am catching up on some good, and bad, t.v. and movies. Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, Nurse Jackie, Copper...and that's just yesterday ;)
8. Raising a human being. From scratch. No really, it's true. Oh, and she is remorseless, sleep-resistant, fuss-machine, not a baby. Also true.

Saturday has traditionally been music day here at the blog, so I'm posting a video by the Young Dubliners doing their version of "Belle of Belfast City (aka I'll tell me ma)" which I only first heard during the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire (Kelly MacDonald's character sings a few lines of it so see, T.V. is good for something). There are literally tons of versions of this Irish folk (?) song out there but this is one of the best....even if they change the lyrics to make it Dubin-centric but since they are from Dublin I suppose we can forgive them. That, and after seeing Belfast city (yikes) I can easily say Dublin is, by far, the prettier of the two.