Monday, May 28, 2012

Who The Hell Reads This? The Newbie Blogger Virus Initiative Thingy.

I'm sure most, if not all, of the new bloggers that have acted due to the Newbie Blogger Virus which was started by Syp at Bio Break...wait, it may not be a virus. Let me just check.....oh, right. Initiative. It's the Newbie Blogger Initiative. My bad.

In any case, I'm sure you've all been absolutely rivited to my blog, dying to know what makes me so great and how you too, one day, can be as popular as I. Which got me thinking- as most things, you'll find, are about me in one way or another...what, don't like it? Fine, do your own blog then...oh, right you have. I see. Well, ahem, what I was saying was it got me thinking about who actually reads this blog.

Who are you, and why are you here? How many of you are there? Do I have enough beer for everyone? These are legitimate questions that will plague come to you as you blog. I stressed about page-views and stats for quite some time until I started getting spammed by, well, spammers, and realized that page-views are pretty meaningless. All the 'popular posts' off to the right (which I've been meaning to remove for some time) are only popular because 10-15 spammers hit them every day!

It took a while for it to set in, but writing your blog for you is about the best advice I can think of to give. My style isn't for everyone, to be sure (and yours may not be either), but you know who really appreciates it? Me. This is my outlet from the 'real world' and that's why games, dogs, music, rants, and nonsensical meanderings all appear. I do appreciate that others choose to read my blog and some, surely, must like it. It is not entirely for me, otherwise I'd just write a diary, and hide it under my bed hoping that She Who Will Be Named Later doesn't read it and find out that I've been wearing her dresses around the yard when she's away riding her horse.....oops, maybe shouldn't have printed that. Ah well.

In any case, if you are new to blogging and looking for advice I may not be the best person to turn. I don't get a lot of pages hits compared to the 'big-boys of blogging' and this can't, by any means, be considered a 'serious' gaming blog but I have fun. And so should you. Blogging is no different than anytying else in life, be it working, exercising, eating, or playing games. If you don't like it, you won't stick with it. Choose a theme, topic, or persona that you enjoy and do it. Feel free to change it up until you find your stride.

Good Luck, and Happy Blogging!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fortuitious Friday: The Ballad of Cranky Mc Crankster the Crank Pot and Soon To Be Father of A Wrinkled Baby Girl

Stress makes me cranky. Well, life, really, makes me cranky as I'm sure you may have deduced from reading my various ramblings whatever period of time you have been reading my blog. Even if it's only been a day or so, you will have deduced that I have a flair for the crank. It's not my 'schtick' designed to attract loads of readers who chuckle knowingly while reading my witty posts, it's a genuine personality trait. I do try to keep it under wraps, but alas, I am mere flesh and the flesh is weak.

As I write this, I am still waiting for New Mouth To Feed to decide that she is finally sick of her Ovarian Bastille and venture forth into the world. Perhaps I should have sent a quest in to her: Collect 10 sections of umbilical cord and deliver them unto the Midwife! You're reward shall be... life! And a purple soother which grants +3 serenity.

For those who are, like me, mathematically deficient, or just can't be arsed to pay attention, this means she is now 11 days late. I remember in school we had a teacher who would throw staplers (yes staplers, not staples) at us when we didn't pay attention. Nothing like a one-pound chunk of mental bouncing off your desk and/or head to get your attention. Yes, it was a different time. I can hear the collective shaking of disbelieving heads either at my advanced age, or that such a time existed. Well, it did, trust me. I remember getting the strap as well so consider yourselves lucky all I can do is write a snarky comment about your lack of attention to my personal life: How VERY DARE YOU you not pay attention!

We snuck a peek on Wednesday (via ultrasound, not surgery or skullduggery) and all is fine. She's just, well, waiting I guess- or extremely smart in knowing (before we did) that the maternity ward is, at the moment, full. Yes, full. There is, literally, no room at the maternity-ward inn in our city. Lol indeed. I guess a lot of people were 'getting busy' in August of last year 'cause the baby's are coming fast and furious now.

It was a very strange experience to see my fully developed daughter while she yet resides in my wife. I have to say, in addition to being a spitting image of me (lucky girl) she simply looks like every other baby I've ever seen. Wrinkled, chubby, and baby-like. I wonder if it makes me a horrible parent (already) that I don't think she's the 'most special-looking thing in the world'. Oh, granted, I'll love, protect, and spoil her for the rest of my life, but right now, well, I'm a bit.... meh. I'm imagining that moment- when she becomes the most beautiful baby in the world- when I suspend all logic and the emotion takes over, will take place when that wrinkled, little human is put into my cranky hands.

Which may be in the parking lot if a bed doesn't free up in the next day or so. In any case, much like an early beta access, and for a limited time only (I hate sharing real life photos on the Internet and only recently made She Who Will Be Named Later promise not to post any on Facebook making me a massive hypocrite), I present New Mouth To Feed, In-Utero. Note the cranky-looking scowl.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Remember When You Could Bring Your Own Stuff To The Sandbox?

I read this.

Then this.

Then thought why the hell does every freaking sandbox developer think players want full-on 24-7 pvp with full looting? Before you get your hackles up, I love PVP. Love. It. The only (sort of) MMO (World of Tanks) that I'm paying at the moment is nothing but PVP so drop the thought that I'm a 'care bear'. I love the thrill of competing (and beating) other, real live humans. I have found, however, that I prefer it in designated spaces or at set times. Not that I'm oppposed to ganking. I love ganking (hence the name) and did it a lot of it on the Warhammer Online PVP servers (when they existed...heck, does that game even still exist). There is a stigma, however, to full looting and anytime, anywhere PVP and what this serves to do is drive away potential players right from the start.

Eve, which I no longer play, had it right in designating spaces where you can participate in PVP, when you choose. Oh, sure, some noobs get tricked and killed (did that myself a few times) but ultimately you can stay safe as long as your not a bloody fool (oh, look, free stuff just floating in space in a game notorious for ganking noobs like me...gosh, guess I'll just take it and see what happens then...awwww, shucks I've been blow up by that friendly pilot, Noobpwner1337, I spoke to earlier). The 'full loot' mechanism is meaningless (in terms of actual 'loss') because you can just build/buy whatever you lose. A bit of forethought and planning ensures you always have enough on hand.

But I digress. I like sandbox games because of the freedom they are supposed to provide. It's about choice, really, and if the choice to stay safe, and keep my stuff is removed then the game is not longer about freedom of action. It's about catering to those who want to gank, grief, steal, loot, and PVP. Those who are not interested will not play and thus, there will be less players. Since the M stands for both massive and multi-player......well, you get the idea. The more people in an MMO the better, no matter where they are, or what they are doing.

Full loot, 24-7 PVP games have their place and they can be fun. Darkfall, for instance, seems to persevere but let's be honest, these games are not really 'Sandbox' at all. They are niche-market PVP games and should be labelled as such. You want me to play in your sandbox, then give me some choices to make including not being griefed by a 12-year-old named Gankali.....oh, wait......

If you wait a minute you'll see the one on the right get ganked by a 6th Former who then throws sand in the face of the girl in the center and takes the lunch money out of the pocket of the girl on the left. Who cries. A lot. Because she's blind and doesn't know what's happening. Apologies to whoevers picture I just ruined with my silly blog, but hey, you pay a price for posting stuff on the interent where any idiot can use it for their own purposes. I guess, in a way, I ganked the original poster of this picture!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Like Dueling Banjo's

I was happy to see one of my favorite, wayward bloggers return yesterday even if only briefly. He states in that post that his music series didn't generate a lot of interest but if not for him I'd not be doing my own Saturday Tune series. Like him I'm fairly sure it doesn't get a lot of interest but at least I get a place to bookmark some good tunes and post about something different.

What I've got today then, is a dueling banjo's scenario. It seems no matter what genre of music he posts, I am both familiar with, and like..or did like at some point. Journey's Don't Stop Believing shares two distinct memories for me.

First is from when it (Escape) was released, in 1981 when I was only 11 and just beginning to buy my own music. I was a member of the Columbia Record House music club. You remember the ones..10 albums for a penny then you have to buy one monthly for a year (at an inflated rate, of course). Escape was one of my purchases and I listened to it a lot.....

....about as much as the girl who lived under us a few years back. She played this song at least weekly and sang her little heart out each time too. I'm not sure if she knew we could hear everything (yes, everything) from the apartment below or not but I got to hear it sung dozens of times in the year we lived there. Good thing her voice was nice.

So in an effort to let Blaq know that someone does indeed care, I'm posting dueling vintage-rock videos! Enjoy!

Finally, I never really knew The Who (literally or figuratively) but I am very familiar with the Canadian band The Guess Who probably best known for their song American Woman. Yes, I see the irony.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Continue Making Fun Of Others

This one literally made me l.o.l. For anyone new to my blog I often pick out ridiculous ads from various sources and post them for our amusement!

Wanted: Large Dog

We live on a farm, and we wanted to get some sheep. We want a very large dog that will protect the sheep, and is capable of killing larger animals that may be a threat to them (like coyotes). The dog has to be under the age of 4, but a puppy is preferable. The dog needs to be gentle, to children and to other dogs and cats. We live on a farm, so the dog would have a lot of room to roam and explore.
Yes, indeed, the ever elusive gentle-with-your-children-and-cats-but-willing-and-able-to-kill-a-coyote breed of dog. Good luck with that one. I just wonder how anyone who lives on a farm can be so stupid with regards to animals.

Hi i am looking for a brisle nose pleco that is big not small but big that so he doesn't not get eaten by my other fish please E-mail with number and a photo if you have one.

Nice. I dare say that one of the things 'social' media and the Internet can be blamed for is the decline in the ability to actually communicate. You know, like, properly, like, without making no mistakes and stuff. lol. Oh, and just for the record when you say 'so he doesn't not get eaten' the double negative communicates the fact that you want the little fucker to get eaten, so in fact you are looking for feeder plecos. AND "I" SHOULD BE IN CAPS.................. FFS. Not to mention they're actually Bristle Nose Plecos...not Brisle.

lobters for sale
Well, I was hopeful that perhaps an error was made in the title only, but the body of the ad was to prove me wrong:

 Hello i got 2 lobters for sale need gone want some thing else in my fish tank MAKE ME A OFFER and there some bodys cal XXX-XXXX for info or E-mail for A offer thanks for looking.
I'm not sure what a lobter is, but I can take a pretty good guess. The fact that he has body's is a bit disconcerting, however, and a possible tip for the local Crime Stoppers program.

Dog Playpen $140

I have a dog run that is 8 feet in diamiter and 4 feet tall. I bought this for my dog so he wouldn't feel caged up during the day while I was at work.
........really? You bought a cage so he wouldn't feel what again?

As Charlie Brown would say, Good Grief!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Saturday Tune: Florence & The Machine vs. Skrillex. Yes, Really.

Back to electronica. Get in! I heard this track on a great set by DJ Icon so I'm posting both.

Fortuitious Fridays: Tom Petty Was Right

I like Tom Petty, and I have to say, he was right: the waiting is the hardest part. Remember the Simpson's episode where Homer applies to get a gun and has to wait out his..well, waiting period? Yea, that's a bit how I feel at the moment. Not so much in the 'I can't wait to get my gun and show everyone who's in charge' kinda way, but more in the listless, impatient way. New Mouth To Feed, you see (previously due last Sunday), has decided to be fashionably late.

Typical, I would say, of the female gender, but the collective intake of breath from all the feminists who surely read my blog would be too much to bear and might cause a global weather disturbance of the highest magnitude. To be fair now, She Who Will Be Named Later is never late...except when it comes to giving birth it would seem, but that's hardly her fault.....or is it......

What is a 'due date' anyway? From what I've gathered no one really knows what triggers that baby to begin it's journey into the world. What the hell are they thinking anyway? Here they are, nine-months in a comfortable place, well fed, and at peace with the world and then suddenly they decide 'I've got to get the hell out of here'. The exit has been there, all along, so why now? It's all a huge mystery to me, in any case, as I've stuck to my decision to read absolutely nothing about child-birth or parenthood. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it? What's that? Can't hear la la la la la la la la la.

Yes, well, in the meantime I'm not exactly 'on form' at work or play as I can't focus.....or drink too much in case I have to drive a certain someone to the hospital. I've been told in no certain terms that calling for a cab due to having consumed too much alcohol is 'out of the fucking question you idiot' so I'm forced to suffer through a mostly-sober waiting period. My only consolation is the gift of a flask (my first ever) for the purpose of bringing a little something with me to wet the baby's head. For those of you who think I'll actually be pouring fine scotch on the baby's head, well..... there might be no hope for you ;)

I can't embed at the moment so in case the above video doesn't appear click this and hope for the best.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In The Company of The Company of Heroes

Saturdays are turning into a day where I try new games, thanks mainly to a decreasing interest in World of Tanks, and some pretty good Steam Sales. I don't always stick with the new games, but they do manage to keep my attention for a few hours at least. The way I judge 'good value for gaming' is how much is costs me per hour to have said fun. It's not as horribly analytical as it sounds, but I figure paying about a dollar per hour of game time is good. I remember my old arcade days in which I spent great gobs of money so today's values which include Steam sales, and free to play MMO's are brilliant.

This means for a game like Wurm, (in which I've played around 500 hours and only paid somewhere around $30), or even World Of Tanks ($500 paid for around 900 hours) I think I've come out on top. Never mind the games are free to play, okay? Yes, we won't mention that at all........

In any case, that long-winded, pointless introduction was my way of getting 'round to the fact I purchased Company of Heroes and the first expansion on Steam for $6. I'm not going to review this game as I may in fact be the last WWII game fan to try it out. My old WoT clan, the 116th Panzer Division, had a division dedicated to CoH but I was too wrapped up in WoT to bother checking it out. I did, however, succumb to the call of the Red Orchestra 2 siren (they had a division for that game as well), however, and purchased the game which now holds the record, according to my per hour stats, as one of the most expensive games on my 'not played list'. I tried it for a couple hours and never went back so it comes in at around $20/hour. I keep saying, to myself, that I should go back, but it was just too First Persony for me. The endless dying and re-spawning is everything I hate in a multi-player game.......and here we go again getting off track.

So, Company of Heroes it is. Right. Well in addition to not liking typical FPS shooters I also dislike Real Time Strategy quite a lot. All that clicking and moving, looking here and there, worrying about this sector and that- it's all too much. I like turn-based games where I can get up to use the loo and not come back to find my empire has completely crumbled and I am essentially responsible for millions of people dying simply because I drank an extra cola and needed to take a pee.

The last Real Time Strategy game to get my serious attention was Warcraft back in 1994. No, not World of Warcraft (hold your tounge you blasphemer) but Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Hard to believe, I know, but something did exist before the gaming masses decided to drink the Kool-Aid in 2004. I do believe I still had a mullet, but we won't go there. I dabbled with other RTS games, of course, but never made it much past the first few hours.

I slaughtered Humans by the bucket-load.

We'll see how long CoH manages to capture my attention. I may possibly try some head-to-head games (the portal promises games with like-ranked players) which might be fun. I dabbled in something similar with Guild Wars' Hero Battles but I may just stick with the single-player campaigns. I am getting a bit short-tempered in WoT these days so perhaps more multi-player isn't what's needed. A nice quiet diversion without other humans (or Orcs) may be what's called for.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newbie Blogger Advice, Mit Subtitles!

Like a farmyard full of horses, cattle, pigs, and sheep, the blog-o-verse is awash with some really good advice* by some really great** bloggers. There are some wonderful*** new blogs up and I'm very happy**** to see them. Looking back on my own advice posts I realize I'm not likely to make Syp's daily list of do-gooder bloggers helping the newbies. Ah well. I do it to myself, really.

I don't really think Syp and I would get along in real life. After reading his blog for over a year I think we look at things in very different ways. We are both introverts, true, and we both love games, yes, but ultimately I think we would, at best, simply nod to each other politely if we worked in the same office. I wouldn't actively undermine him with the boss, nor would I loosen the lug-nuts on the tires of his car in the staff parking lot on my lunch break (I'm not wasting my break on him, lets be honest), but I doubt we'd be getting plastered after work in the pub either.

The thing about blogging is you get to 'meet' a lot of people. Most of these are other bloggers and you find some who you think would be good fun to get together with. You will note I have two blogrolls off to the side there. No, to the right, not the left. No, RIGHT, dammit. There you go, that's it. The top list are blogs that I read every day, or whenever the lazy bastards can be bothered to post. The bottom list are blogs I'm trying out for a while to see how they turn out. Be warned that if you are on that list, and you get a warm, fuzzy glow and, filled with the emotion of the moment, add me to your blogroll- I may cut you from the team. If you've made it through primary and secondary school you'll likely be used to this, especially if you're a nerdy gamer type. Not everyone can play on the team, can they?

What I mean to say is that I don't keep a bloated blogroll just for the sake of it. I usually cut blogs who don't post regularly (with a couple notable exceptions) and if I lose interest I'll likely take you off. I also follow a few blogs, albeit with less regularity, that are not on either lists. Scary Worlds is one of those, for example, that I can't quite come to grips with reading every day. I have no idea why. It just is, though I think he, and Rivs would be a great pair to meet in the pub for a few. Them and the lads from KIASA, who (unbeknown to them) I have decided I will get together with for a pint when I'm next in London. Don't worry, lads, I don't actually know where you live, yet (my hired detectives are still working that one out) and I can't afford a ticket to the UK just yet. But soon, my pretties, soooooon......

So yes, you'll meet some interesting people ***** while blogging and I'm happy ****** to welcome you to the blog-o-verse!

*** likely to fail
**** indiferent
***** nutters
****** mandated by the charter of the Newbie Blogger Initiative

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Newbie Blogger Advice: Never Tell The Truth

Everyone in the blog-o-verse is giving newbie bloggers advice on what to do this month (bloody know-it-alls) due to the Newbie Blogger Initiative. My last bit of advice was to never post drunk, which, admittedly, can be hard if you are as attached to scotch, wine, beer, gin, and hand sanitizer as I am. Another bit of advice that the more established bloggers might not tell you is that you should never, ever tell the truth.

No one wants to hear the truth about your boring old life. Spice it up! Imply your life is more exciting, or outright lie. Let's face it, if telling people about the real you was so hot, you'd have real-life friends and you wouldn't need to blog, now would you? Like the rest of us you are a social misfit and you will be more popular if you just make stuff up. Look at me, I get at least four hits per week, so I must be on to something. Granted two of those hits are from me and She Who Will Be Named Later, but still: four hits!

Right. You want some real advice? I'd suggest looking at all the other bloggers who are posting advice and listening to them. Most of them have been around for ages (old buggers) so they must know what they're on about. In the end you have to do what's right for you- it's your blog. You have to like it or no-one else will. Of everything I've read I'd say the best advice is to NOT paint yourself into a corner. If you are a game-specific, or worse yet a role and game-specific blog you will ultimately fail as a long-term entity. I started as a Warhammer specific blog but quickly (two months) realized I wanted to talk about other stuff. Now-adays I post a lot about World Of Tanks, but I am a non-specific game-focused blog which gives me the freedom to ramble on about anything. Hell, most weeks I only post on Fridays where I have made it my 'thing' to talk about my life outside of games (albeit humorously) and the weekends which usually feature music (and damn fine music if I do say so myself).

I am a person with a variety of tastes, interests, and hobbies, and so are the people who read blogs. I have come to realize that posting for myself is the way forward because if I am interested in what I am talking about then I will be interesting to read. My World Of Tanks readers may not give two shits about Wurm Online, or Daft Punk (likely not possible), but there are others out there who do.

If you blog it....they will come. Hey, worked for Kevin Costner, why not you?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Saturday Tune on Sunday: Lemon Jelly

I first discovered Lemon Jelly, and this song in particular, in a tiny bed-sit (studio apartment for the non-Euros on the crowd) in Dublin on one of the first nights I, er, "discovered" She Who Will Be Named Later. We would later travel back to Dublin (after shacking up and living in sin) to see them perform live at The Ambassador Theatre on Saturday February 26, 2005.

Thank you Paddy McPhillips who, unknown to us at the time, was also there and kindly took this photo for me to later post on my blog.

We are now bringing the album this song is from into the birthing suite which I think is quite fitting, all things considered.


Lemon Jelly: Nice Weather for Ducks

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Huzzah! 6908 World of Tanks Kills.

After 6903 battles in World of Tanks, what's left to get excited about? Well, some time ago I set a goal to have as many kills as  I did games and I finally manged to get there!

A special shout out to everyone who died by my hand in any one of those many, many random battles. I couldn't have done it without you, really, and whatever you do, don't improve your skills. I like you (exploding) just the way you are.

And speaking of skills, Holy Jeebas. I've started using the XVM Efficiency Mod which shows how many battles each player has, along with their efficiency rating and (less importantly) their win-loss ratio. Efficiency is made up of a few factors and doesn't depend on your tier, or (allegedly) your tank. I do find light tanks which are designated scouts have a much lower efficiency rating and suspect that's because they don't do a lot of damage to the enemy (despite helping in other ways).

It's really opened my eyes to how bad some players are- and that's okay. Not everyone can be good but there are soooooo many players who are rated as 'below average' (they show up red). There are a few cases in which I've seen 'below average' players with over 10k battles and win-ratios under 40% and I have to wonder:

  1. How can you play so many games and not get any better as a player?
  2. Don't you get tired of losing?

Maybe it's just me and my obsession with 'good' stats but if I wasn't really good at a competitive game I think I'd eventually give up. I'd certainly give up before I clocked 7,000 battles. A few thousand would do it for me. They must really like the game, so fair play to them. God knows I can use more easy victims to pad my own kill stats with so keep at it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fortuitious Friday: Never Post While Drunk

I was initially going to leave this post blank just to show I am able to take direction, thank you very much previous employer #18, even if it's only my own. I tend to find that of all the people who've given me advice over the years it's me who makes the most sense. Ah well, what can you do? Until I rule the world I guess I'll have to begrudgingly accept that there are other people in the world and try as I might they will continue to foist their opinions onto my over-taxed patience.

So the Newbie Blogger Initiative is underway in an attempt to get as many new bloggers up and blogging as possible. Many established bloggers are offering their sound advice and tips learned from years in the blogging trenches. Here's one they may not give, should you be one of those aspiring bloggers who has turned to me as a potential role model:

Don't post while drunk.

That's right, don't post anything after you've had a few. God knows what might be the result. You may, for instance, tell Syncaine that Eve ain't no better than any other crappy MMO filled with egotistical ass-hats, and just because it's his new love doesn't mean it's the greatest game in the world. He'd then use all his (likely) evil powers to see that you never blogged in this town again!

Whatever happened to those days, anyway, where the lawmen were so bad that they could tell you to get out of town, and you'd listen? I mean it's not like they were telling Johnny Church-Goer, who never hurt so much as a cat (and everyone knows cats deserve it) to get out of town, it was some really bad dudes. You know the type- ride into town, shoot their horse because they can't be arsed to tie it up, hit the saloon, order up some frilly prostitutes to treat like shit, cheat at some cards, and leave a trail of bodies three-feet deep in their wake.

Yea, that's a bad dude alright. And here comes the Sheriff, cool as can be, to tell them to get out of their town by sun-up. That took some guts thought why you'd give then the whole night to cause trouble is beyond me. If you're gonna run them out of town best to get them out as soon as, if you ask me.

Right, well, I'm not actually drunk though I expect when I look back on this post I'd wish I had that as an excuse to fall back on. I was off the booze totally, you see, until Thursday when She Who Will Be Named Later was 'examined' and we learned that New Mouth To Feed wouldn't be coming in the next couple days. Something to do with her Clavicle not being open or some such. I'm not so good with the details, but you get the idea.

From Monday onward it's going to be 'any day' but for this weekend I have a bit of a reprieve, and by reprieve I mean leave to have a few drinks without worry that I'd have to take my pregnant, laboring wife to the hospital while drunk. I can see it now, all the nurses, acting all disgusted because I'm not sober at such a critical time in our lives. Those nurses. Such an attitude on them!

So I'm just back from the pub (I only had one, Sheriff, I swear) and I'm going to settle down with a half-bottle of wine (real stuff too, not the cooking wine or the grain-based homemade stuff I keep in the toilet cistern for emergencies) and play some games. Happy Friday indeed!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Secret War For You, Or Let The Nappies Fly

I was moderately excited to see a beta invite to The Secret World appear magically in my in-box (Sir!). It's a new MMO which states that is going to be different, not like all the others, and not like all the others that also say they are going to be different but end up the same. In any case I followed the links and ended up at this:

Brace yourself (and not in the Australian sense of the phrase, right Sheila). Ready? Okay.

I don't fucking use Facebook and I'm not going to start to try a new fucking game. There. Rant over, or as others have stated more humorously, my nappy has been flung. It's now safe.

I may not, because I refuse to use a third party social site that harvests personal information for business' and is used by all sorts of enterprising predators (sexual and financial), get to play what could be a 'new' game. Oh well. I also fought Steam for years and did without some games I really wanted until I caved. That was mostly due to the good sales they have and the fact I'm not required to broadcast my personal life to the world to use it. I can guarantee you I will not be caving in to Facebook- ever.

Oh, I also managed to not get invited to the Salem Beta even though I referred the correct number of people.


Where's my nappy damnit, there's more flingin' to be done.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newbs Ain't Noobs

Today is the launch of a newbie blogger initiative spearheaded by Syp over at Bio Break who also writes for Massively (over-achieving little bugger). I'm actually writing this in the near-distant past and plan to post it by travelling forward in time, waiting six years, and then travelling back to the past to post it today.... wait, that makes no sense. Ah well, I'm easily confused by all those time travel movies anyway and never understand why they don't just find out what the fecking winning lottery number is and be done with it. Come on, it's what we'd all do, isn't it? Well, that and snog our Mom's apparently.

Right, well, to save time and confusion maybe I'll just use the Blogger feature to have this posted for me tomorrow morning, or, if you've been paying attention, early this morning. It's crazy, nonsensical stuff like this that you too could be posting on your very own blog!

The initiative is to encourage anyone out there who may be toying with the idea of writing a blog to go ahead and do it! At the risk of infringing on Nike's copyright, or, alternatively providing them with too much free advertising, I will say this:

Copyright someone who has enough lawyers to sue me ten times over..

The initiative has (last I checked) over 60 established bloggers participating and there's a helpful forum set up with who we are, tips, tricks, and encouragements in addition to posts by brand new bloggers introducing themselves to the world. Imagine a gritty zombie movie except instead of zombies, its bloggers all shuffling along moaning: blogs.....blogs......we want your blogs. That's exactly what the forum is like. Oh, and have you ever wondered how I get people to read my blog? Heroin. That's right, I drug the posts so people get addicted and then they have to return. It's tips like these, and likely some better (ie: real) ones from more established bloggers, that you'll find on this site.

Seriously though- have you ever thought of blogging? Why not give it a try, or at least head over to the forum and see what's what. There's plenty of good people willing to provide encouragement and advice (and, for the sake of fairness, probably some bad people providing shitty advice as well). This month is Newbie Blogger Month and we're trying to get as many new bloggers up and running as possible. Syp is focused on MMO's (bless his obsessed little heart) but I'd encourage you to blog about whatever you want. You may not stick with it. You may hate it. You may love it. You'll never know until you try it. Every blogger in the initiative will be posting today (or close to it) and there will be more posts discussing why we got into blogging and our experiences and/or tips.

This month then, I'll be talking about my favorite thing of all: me! I'll talk about why I got into blogging and provide some tips and encouragements for any aspiring bloggers out there. It'll be good fun, and there'll be heroin. Don't forget the heroin. Mmmmmmmmm, it's like being wrapped in soft, pillowy, cotton, or so I've been told.