Saturday, December 22, 2012

World of Tanks: Gift Shop Gouging

You may or may not have noticed that I'm back into World of Tanks. It is painfully obvious (see all the posts below and my new You Tube channel) and I am having a rather good time too. I am not, however, blind, and though there are some good deals to be had this holiday season (discounted tanks and the like) the gift shop is not the place to look for good value. It never has been and it amazes me that they still get away with this.

I usually buy my gold in 6500 batches for 29.95. That works out to roughly .46 cent per gold. I was looking at the holiday specials, and for some reason considering buying another premium tank (I may have an addiction.....) despite having plenty I hardly play already. Specifically I was looking at the SU-122 Tier VII Russian Tank destroyer. I've heard good things about it and I'm a sucker for punishment (I have a love hate relationship with Russian TD's).

The upcoming gift shop offer of this tank, 3000 gold, a garage slot, and some useless consumables is NOT good value for money at $43.59 (Canadian dollars). Not counting the consumables which are merely window dressing (I never use them so don't consider them in a package deal) it works out to .54 cent per gold (8025 total gold because the Su-122 is going to be discounted to 4725 gold during the sale and a garage slot is 300). Like all the other 'deals' in the gift shop it is overpriced and you get the best deal by buying gold and spending it in game.

Don't be fooled! These specials should be just that, special. I have no problem with them making money but I do have a problem when they try to trick people into thinking this is a better deal. Do the math..... oh god, my math teacher was right. I do need math after all.

The best deals to be had? Well, that's up to you but I personally think that the Super Pershing, which will be on for 6128 gold ($24) may be the best value for money. I've never played one but in all the forum posts and videos I've seen it seems to make the same money as the heavy Tier VIII tanks which cost a lot more. I am very, very tempted but in the end the Type 59 makes me good money and is a fun medium tank to drive. I'm not sure I want two mediums so I will probably go with the SU-122 which will work out to $18.90.

The Ram II will be half off and will work out to roughly $3.50. I've played over 380 battles in mine and I think it's a fun little tank. I'll be posting a You Tube video review with game-play (four games total) for anyone who may be thinking of buying it. It will be up in......400 minutes. Hmmmm...maybe go have a coffee and them come back. Or a pint. Or two. Meh, make it a session and it'll be up when you stumble in.

What are your favorite premiums to drive and were they worth the money?

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  1. I think the only time one should buy from a store special is if the offer is for a tank you want that is no longer sold in game, for the simple reason of there being no other option.

    My favourite premium has to be the KV-5, but that is at least partly because it is a birthday present. Also though I like the "slow heavy" playstyle. A good credit-maker too. Excluding that however my favourite premium would probably be the Panzer B2. It is just a very interesting tank to play being large yet agile.- totally the opposite of the KV-5.

    Merry Xmas from Denmark.