Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why You No Play Something Else WoT-Boy?

Tank-centric is the theme here currently and I do apologize to my regular readers who may not give a whit about tanks- or You Tube for that matter. WoT has been a fairly easy You Tube transition for me so I've run with it over the last couple weeks. Rest assured I am going to be branching out to  other games (X-Com is next) but I likely will still be focusing on the video for the time being. As you can see,  however, that isn't stopping me from blogging now, nor in the future. Remember I'm returning to work soon so I'll have to blog....otherwise I'll have to work! That's not entirely true as I do work quite hard, but being the solitary (unsociable) guy I am I do have my lunch break to while my office....with no one to talk to...sniff.....

Ha! Here you were feeling sorry for me but in fact, that's the way I like it. Jokes on you, suckas, but please ignore the fact I just called you 'suckas' and do keep reading my blog. And for God sake, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I'll even take token subscriptions from people who will never watch my videos all in the name of inflating my ego. I plan on having a 100-subscriber special where I give a prize to myself for getting 100 subscribers. The 1,000 subscriber special will blow you away (not really, just more stuff for me). Heck, think of what it might be! I did, after all, after getting 10 subscribers order a GTX 660 video card so by that token I should be buying myself a new car when I hit 1,000.

So, ya, this update is to say I haven't abandoned other games. I still have Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to learn properly (I'm going to go archery only at first for the lolz of shooting people in the face), and I haven't touched Hitman Absolution since it was released (it mocks me from my Steam library like so many others). From what I've seen and heard so far I think I may be massively disappointed. I do want to get a Gnomoria tutorial out as well as my initial post remains one of my most visited posts. It's something that will lend well to the 'ole Tube. I do want to get some Torchlight II play time in as well but with time being so limited I don't know if I'll make it back.

Remember then that I'm not only about World of Tanks (which I technically quit a few months ago but never mind that) and do your best to ignore the next post (later today) which will be about....World of Tanks. Huzzah! Unless you like World of Tanks and then don't ignore it as your life may depend on what I have to say........ or maybe it won't but it'll for sure feature me and gameplay with my cursed Object 704.

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