Sunday, December 30, 2012

(Super) Thoughts on the (Super) Pershing and the Chinese Invasion (World of Tanks 8.3 Test)

With some of my fellow tankers out for some Christmas deals the Super Pershing may be in your sights. Despite already buying my Christmas treat, the SU-122 Tier VII Tank Destroyer, I still have 8000+ gold I'm looking at spending. As if sensing my need to know the newest test server (8.3) has been released. I was sorely tempted, in real life, to buy the T34 US Heavy but (thankfully) I as able to play it on the test server and realize it wasn't for me. Whew. That's 10,000 gold saved....or at least not spent. (For those unaware gold is about 4 cents per so that tank is around $40...on sale).

The Super Pershing is on for a mere 6120 gold, or $27 so I have taken a good look at it. I've watched other reviews on You Tube, and put my top crew in (100% with two nearly full sets of perks and skills) and went to town. The result? It's everything people say it is. It can certainly take a good shot from tanks well above it's tier and it's gun does indeed suck. It's essentially the same gun that is on the Type 59 but you don't have the mobility to move around and hit targets from the weak sides or rear.

Let's get something straight. This tank is a heavy. It's slow and ..well, slow, and designed to hold choke points. All well and good, you say, and that sounds like fun, doesn't it? Yes, it does, and it can be BUT. The but here, which people may not even be considering, is that there is a new line of tank coming. And they are fast. Very fast, and very maneuverable and they carry massive cannons. Guess what happens to you, sitting there in your fancy Super Pershing holding the choke point? You guessed it- just like the Germans in France- they go around. And then kill you very, very fast.

Unlike a heavy tank, or say a slow Tank Destroyer which will face the same flanking problem, you don't have a gun scary enough to make people think twice. You have no alpha to back them off. They just roar in, shrug off the one shot you'll get, and then blast you to death as you try to turn to face them. It's really quite bad and it's put me off buying this tank. Now it doesn't happen all the time and the test server is much faster than the NA live server (the play-style is much different) and you can still make good money (as you'll see below in the screenshots) but ultimately I think I would end up frustrated with playing this tank. In my Type 59, and even in the new SU-122 you can traverse to face these new light suckers and have a chance.

As for the new lights, well, all I can say is Holy Shit. I'm going to be reviewing the Tier 7 and 8 ones on You Tube soon but they can really, really move. In my first battle I lost my engine and was still able to chase down fleeing enemies. I won't be looking at the higher tier tanks because I simply don't play the higher tiers enough to care about them. I also won't be looking at the lower tier heavies because I have already done that. They haven't been changed and I stand by my statement that they are copies of tanks I already have in my garage and so I won't be wasting my time to grind them.

In any case here are some screenshots from my Super Pershing Battles compared to my T34 battles in case you are wondering about it's earning potential- which is good. I'll try to get a few battles with it on the test server for you to see as well with TRY being the operative world. The last screenshot is from my first game with the new Tier VII Chinese light.

Ummm, can you say that's ridiculous for a first game in any tank?


  1. How are you finding the Chinese tanks now compared to how they were in the previous test? Looking forward to your review of the new lights.

    1. Only played the mediums and heavy last time. My video review on the Tier VII light is uploading now.