Sunday, December 9, 2012

How To Blow Yourself Up. A World of Tanks Story.

I forgot this was even possible and didn't realize I had done it until I saw the end-game stats and noted that I killed an allied vehicle. That ally? Player name: Gank. Lol? It happens at the end of the first battle in the video.

Game-play and commentary featuring the Tier VII German medium VK3002DB, the US Tier VI Easy 8, and the US Tier VIII medium Pershing.


  1. Great fun watching you play. I was very interested in seeing the E8 as I am trying to decide which to try first (the E8 or E2).

    Would love to see a game in the Object :)

  2. Thanks! The E8 is fast and maneuverable. You have to avoid getting hit at all costs. The E2 plays like a heavy as it's front armor is so tough and you are quite slow. You can angle and bounce lots of shots but don't get hit from the sides or rear!

    I'll have a couple games in the Object very soon! If nothing else it will be funny.