Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: The Thursday Edition

Scrooges of the world rejoice, it's all over!

Christmas is at an end and though I have been told under no certain circumstances that the tree must stay up until January 6th the season is at an end. I know this because my garbage was picked up this morning and unless Santa is moonlighting it suggests everyone is back at work. Suckers.

I'm still roaming about in my pajamas most days and scheduling my life around the nap time of New Mouth To Feed who is now actually eating stuff other than her mother. This rearing babies thing certainly has its ups and downs and plenty of unexpected consequences. For one, I no longer hate Christmas which comes as a big surprise to me. To be fair I knew I couldn't pull my Grinch routine anymore but the feelings I had toward the holiday season have changed. Those of you with dysfunctional, or annoying families, will likely relate: I used to dread Christmas. I once worked 8 Christmas' in a row just to avoid having to deal with it all. For many people the Holiday's aren't very happy.

Having a baby can, and did for me, change all that. Oh I'm not dancing around in a Santa outfit or anything, but it's nice now because this little group of three is my family. No drunken rows, no family fights- it's what we choose it to be: quiet, loving, and tasteful (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ham). Next year we may do a Chicken instead of a Turkey because that's the kind of free-wheeling rebels we are.

For many, however, Christmas remains a stressful time of year when feelings of loneliness and depression are intensified by financial worries, alcohol, all the faux-cheer going on around them. It's both heart-warming and sad that this is the only time of year many of us bother to think of those less fortunate. I urge you to remember, in case you've forgotten like I almost did this year, your favorite charities because once a year is certainly better than not at all (we give to the Galway county SPCA in Ireland for those looking for a good animal charity). If I can buy world of tanks gold I can donate to a worthy cause and so can you.

I also want to take the time to say thank you to those who do work on Christmas day. Members of armed forces, police, hospitals, prisons, an other essential services world-wide spend this special day away from family and loved ones. Sometimes it's just for the money (over-time baby) but most times it's for the love of what they do and because, quite simply, it has to be done. I'm certainly glad I was able to hang out with New Mouth To Feed and She Who Will Be Named Later this year so if you were as lucky as I, spare a thought for those who were not.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Take care of yourselves and if this season is a source of stress, and not joy, know you are not alone and this too will pass.

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