Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All These Tanks That I Now Own

My newest World of Tanks You Tube series is Two Battle Tuesdays. Viewers will select one tank from my garage and I will play two battles without editing or shopping for the 'most epic battle' to upload. I think this will be a more entertaining format that me simply selecting whatever tanks I like, or just uploading my best battles. Epic 10-kill games get more hits but I'd rather have more regular viewers who are engaged in what I'm doing.

As I am new to You Tube I will see how this goes and make changes as necessary. I will also be branching out from WoT very soon as I do play other games (believe it or not). WoT is familiar and fun, so it has been my entry to the world of video recording and editing.

Here are the tanks currently in my garage. Post your requests in the latest Two Battle Tuesday video comments. I will take the first, only, or most requested tank in the comment section. Since I have few viewers at the moment I will randomly select tanks if none are requested. See, ignoring me won't stop me so you may as well subscribe!

Gank's Garage: Updated March 01, 2013

Light Tanks

MKVIII Tetrarch (II Premium)
PZPKPFW 38H735 (F) 'Mini Maus' (II Premium)
M22 Locust (III Premium)
T127 (III Premium)
M24 Chaffee (V)
T71 (VII)

Heavy Tanks

PZKPFW B2 740 (F) (Premium)
KV-1 (V)
Tiger P (VII)
T29 (VII)
IS-8 (IX)
IS-4  (X)

Tank Destroyers                               

FCM36PaK40 (Tier III Premium)
Hetzer (IV)
M8A1 (IV)
Hellcat (VI)
Dicker Max (VI Premium)
SU-122-44 (VII Premium)
Jagdtiger 8.8 (VIII Premium)
Object 704 (IX)

Medium Tanks

T-25 (Tier V Premium)
M7 (V)
Ram II (V Premium)
M4 (V)
M4A3E8 'Easy 8' (VI)
VK3601 (H) (VI)
VK3002DB (VII)
Panther II (VIII)
M26 Pershing (VIII)
T-44 (VIII)
Type 59 (Premium VIII)   


SU-26 (III)
AMX 105AM (IV)
GW Panther (VI)
SU-14 (VI)


  1. I had to chuckle at the start of the Lakeville video about your comment about people going to town/valley. I think in the last few months I have had to help cover the valley once (north team start) because it was the undefended flank. Otherwise it is always into the town.

    The video cuts off for me part-way through the Lakeville fight though, which is disappointing as you had just flanked and dealt some great damage to the E75 and T32.

    As to the next Tuesday - I vote for the SU-26. I remember from an earlier video you expressed your appreciation for it.

  2. Oh crap, you're right. There must have been a problem with the upload. I'll take it down and re-upload that tonight. Thanks very much for letting me know.

  3. No problem! I look forward to seeing the rest of the fight :)

  4. The curse of the Object 704 continues. I re-loaded that video but it still cuts it off at 14 mins despite the video being 17 mins long. No idea what the problem is so I'll re-do Two Tank Tuesday with the Object next week. Apologies to those who saw the cut-off version.

  5. I don't know if you will read this but il put it hear and on youtube can you do a Is-3 game I have a kv-1s and just need a few credits till the is and want to see how the line plays if not thanks anyways love the vids keep up the great work :)