Tuesday, November 13, 2012

X-Com: Classic Challenge Revisited or I Fought The Bugs and The Bugs Won

After my previous victory, Thade had to go and burst my egotistical bubble by pointing out that starting on Easy means you get better resources so even though I fought my battles on Classic, it kind of took away from my accomplishment of winning the game 'on Classic'. The last X-Com patch promised to take care of some bugs, including the SHIV bug which would either load an unarmed SHIV, or none at all. This was a particularly annoying one as those little buggers are pretty handy in later missions on harder levels.

I was very, very excited which only made my disappointment very, very noticeable when said patch didn't affect saved games, or take care of the SHIV blocking the doorway bug. What's a game addict to do? Why, complain about it in a post and then start a new game, of course. I have, for the record, found out how the bug works, exactly:

If you park the shiv by the door and then open it with one of your troops, the SHIV will forever block the door even if you move it back and away. You must send your troops through first or you're screwed. If you are playing Ironman, well, you're just screwed, like I was. It doesn't seem to mater if the SHIV is destroyed or not.

The latest patch has not, then, fixed all the bugs or made the game fully playable on Ironman as far as I'm concerned. I did try, really I did, but on my second mission a terrain bug which made me select the wrong end-point on my soldiers move saw him without any cover and quickly killed. The thing about me is, I hate to lose, especially if it's to bugs and not AI cleverness. I'm happy to play on Classic level but I could not abide losing a game I put hours into to a bug later in the game. I would rage like you wouldn't believe and I can't handle that kind of stress at the moment. I want to relax and stomp some AI noobs, not stress out and thus, I need to be able to re-load.

In the meantime I'll happily watch Thade and his battle against the Enemy Unknown in Classic Ironman.


  1. That's a bummer (the SHIV bug) and it's a good use case for one I hadn't considered; the Alloy SHIV anyway. If the Alloy SHIV is blocking a 1-wide door, you have cover from every angle as you open it. I've never done that; I'll keep in mind not to try. :)

    Some of the bugs are so commonplace for me now that the workarounds for them are unconscious on my part. Since time is a non-issue in a mission (turns are, time is not) I will take my time making absolutely sure that the tile I think I'm moving to is actually the destination tile. I lost a few soldiers to that mistake very early in playing. Sometimes you need to spin the map, change altitude, hover over a corner or through a wall, or some combination thereof to get where you want to go. It's a pain, but the game is so good otherwise I've learned to live with it.

    Also, thank you very much for the kind plug. :)

  2. Hey, no problem. Don't expect to be flooded with extra views though- my view count isn't that high :)