Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WoT 8.2. So Long China, We Hardly Knew You

They never had a chance. World of Tanks has announced that they will not be releasing the Chinese tech tree which was the focus of the upcoming 8.2 patch. They state that they have analyzed the stats and want to do some re-balancing prior to launching them. I think it's a good move not for balance sake, but for the fact these tanks were, for the most part, pointless. Most were copies of tank already in my garage so I couldn't see the point in them. Others, the Tier VIII lights for instance, could negatively impact some of the existing roles of the Tier VI lights already in-game.

As I explore in my newest video, the T71 is a pretty good little scout with a 6-round drum loader and doesn't bleed the credits of a tank like the Chaffee. These poor Tier VI 'dedicated' scouts. What will happen to them if higher tiered, better performing, and cheaper-to-run tanks are released? 'Dustbin' springs immediately to mind.

I've said it so many times I'm beginning to bore of it, but new tanks DOES NOT equal new content. If Wargaming.net want to increase the longevity of World Of Tanks they really need to start thinking about how to freshen up the game without just adding new things to grind for. At some point, we can imagine, that every known, planned, and dreamed tank will have been considered and possibly put into the game. What will keep us interested, playing, and paying then? Hopefully their business plan extends beyond the hope everyone will just switch to World of Warplanes and forget about the fact World of Tanks is getting a bit dry.


  1. Can't say I'm disapointed either. I wasn't looking forward to new versions of russians tanks.

  2. Very true. I also wonder how the higher tier light tanks would ultimately affect the scouting game and the economics of the current 'end-tame' tier vi scouts.

  3. Did you guys play the 8.2 beta? Obviously not or else you would not be making such a stupid and ignorant post about the Chinese tanks. Only the very low tiers were "copies", but each had unique guns and dynamics, making them differ from their compatriot origins. All of the higher Chinese tier tanks were developed in China, with unique characteristics, guns, and dynamics. You must be like 9 years old to make such an ignorant post. And, they ARE coming, just not in 8.2.

    1. Awww, I wish you left your name so I knew who I was replying to, but no worries. That was a really funny reply. Cheers for that. You may want to consult the ULA for World of Tanks and pay attention the part that says it's a game. Relax my uptight friend.