Saturday, November 3, 2012

World of Tanks: 8.Something.Something.Something. Now With Tea and Crumpets!

I feel sorry for the British. Poor bastards have been on the front line of every major world war since the dawn of time, slugging it our for freedom and the right to drink good tea and warm ale (technically room temperature which is around 18 C in Britain, but I digress).

So the world says, 'Oh hey, lets stop Hitler shall we?' and the British went: 'Okay, right-o, we'll send the lads over.' America's response? 'Pffffff, fuck you, we're far away and making too much money from all of this.' The French? 'Non, we ave surrendered already, merci, and have sent our Jews, er weapons away.'

So for years the Brits take a pounding. Their homes are bombed, their men (and women) killed at the front, and their food supply was in such shortage that they instituted a rationing system that would destroy their taste for anything good, forever. And how does repay them? By waiting almost two years to roll out some British tanks. Good god. I'd make a comment about the Russians being ungrateful but since Canada has an education system that teaches actual world Geography (and the fact I can read) I know that are not Russian, making the claims of 'Russian bias' even funnier to me. But still- what the hell? The French before the British? In any case I think there's a special code to celebrate which will give you some Marmite rations and a vomit bag, but I could be wrong.

So yea, the British are here and while I don't want to be ungrateful for all they've done for us (railway networks, roads, and tea, anyone?) I could care less. I have, at this point, said all I can say about the game of World of Tanks. I've gone from 'Whale' to 'Free-loader', now only logging in occasionally to play some of my favorites from time to time. I'm so lazy I've deselected the assault and encounter modes so I don't have to think. I just want tank to go boom.

I read a couple of WoT-focused blogs (they do discuss other things, however so check them out) who keep me up-to-date on what's going on (specials and what not) so I barely read the WoT site anymore. It's all the same thing, over, and over, really, but I will say it is still the only FPS-like game I seem to enjoy. I was a supporter of the Chivalry Kickstarter and have yet to invest any real time into the game. It looks great but I don't have the mental energy at the moment to learn a new skill set. I played about for a bit (read, got killed lots while running around like an idiot) but nothing serious. I am happy to see there is a no-respawn feature/server however, and hope someday to master the game enough to give that a go...... yea, likely not gonna happen, but a guy can dream can't he?

So, as She Who Will Be Named Later, has just kindly pointed out, the rumors of my demise, or the 'doom and gloom the blogs ending attitude' I discussed previously had not come to pass. What have I been up to, then, gaming-wise which I'll likey be talking about in future posts?

1. Unity of Command- a turn-based WWII offering from two guys from Croatia.
2. Mark of the Ninja- Canadian company does good!
3. Prison Architect- yes, still, despite my complaining.
4. Torchlight II- finished the game (again) but this time with an Embermage and some mods.
5. Surfing You Tube- great time sink.
6. Kerbal Space Program- lots of fun and loads of potential in this alpha.
7. Television- thanks to the power of the internet  I am catching up on some good, and bad, t.v. and movies. Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, Nurse Jackie, Copper...and that's just yesterday ;)
8. Raising a human being. From scratch. No really, it's true. Oh, and she is remorseless, sleep-resistant, fuss-machine, not a baby. Also true.

Saturday has traditionally been music day here at the blog, so I'm posting a video by the Young Dubliners doing their version of "Belle of Belfast City (aka I'll tell me ma)" which I only first heard during the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire (Kelly MacDonald's character sings a few lines of it so see, T.V. is good for something). There are literally tons of versions of this Irish folk (?) song out there but this is one of the best....even if they change the lyrics to make it Dubin-centric but since they are from Dublin I suppose we can forgive them. That, and after seeing Belfast city (yikes) I can easily say Dublin is, by far, the prettier of the two.

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