Saturday, November 24, 2012

World of Tanks 8.1 Tech Trees

Well I've promised, threatened, stamped my feet, and just about cried trying to get this done, but I finally have my new YouTube en devour underway. The World of Tanks 8.2 public test server release made me change my plans slightly but none-the-less it's begun and my new channel is called Gank Goes Gaming and once I get things sorted out I'll be featuring play from WoT, X-Com, and others!

This video looks at the upcoming Chinese, and US tech trees as well as the new British premium vehicles. Game-play footage is next.

First one to subscribe gets a free bucket of snow (pick up only).



  1. Finally gotten around to watching this. I think you have a very good voice for it, very calm and clear.

    Hopefully will get a chance to watch your other video tomorrow.

  2. Thanks very much. I don't think anyone is ever happy hearing themselves speak so it's something I did worry about. The more I listen to myself, though, the more I think I sound like someone else :)