Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Hard Drive Makes Me Feel Old

"You can trim it down to a Gig."

That's a quote from some random forum I ran across while I was researching video recording software. The discussion was about Fraps and the huge files it makes. The poster said not to worry because you can render the files down to a gig or so. No big deal.

It made me feel very, very old all of a sudden. My first computer was an Macintosh Plus with two, yes two floppy drives which made it extremely fast...for it's time. I remember having a discussion on a BBS (Bulletin Board System) about adding a hard-drive to my system. I remember the poster saying that I would become 'addicted to the speed' of these new-fangled 'hard drives' but the cost was a bit prohibitive at the time. The size of the drive in question? 20 megs. Yes, that's megs, not gigs, or tetra-gigs, or whatever is the largest at the moment. Incidentally the use of a BBS also dates me quite well, doesn't it. What, you bellow, there was a time without the internet? How dare you!

I also remember when I used to go to actual computer stores to buy things whereas now I just e-shop at Newegg (though I have to say Best Buy is pretty good at competing with their prices). There was a couple at a Future Shop looking at a computer, and the salesman (working on commission) was telling them that the hard-drive, which was 100 megs or so, would never be filled up. I'm sure at the time it was true, but now that seems like a joke. I recorded 5 or so minutes of X-Com footage with Fraps and had a 3.6 gig file. How times change.

I had that old computer, with it's black and white screen, all through university. I was a gamer at heart, though, so my Apple days couldn't last. I eventually moved on to 'proper' PC's and haven't looked back since though there are times when I'm poised above my computer, hammer in hand, raging at the latest bull-shit error caused by Vista (which I'm convinced is the modern re-incarnation of Satan) when I long for those simpler days. Then again, no, not really. Modern gaming and computing is absolutely brilliant and the things we can do are amazing. The internet and all it's wonders (and dangers) has changed our lives forever though we tend to take it for granted.


  1. There is someone I work alongside who claims Vista is the greatest OS Microsoft ever wrote. She claims this entirely sincerely and will (if given encouragement) rant on for hours about how she hates XP or Windows 7. I have never really understood it.

    I remember when our family got a new computer - the hard-drive went from 40MB to 120 MB (iirc). We were convinced we would never fill it - though I am proud to say my brothers and I did manage it in due time :D

  2. Wow. I've never ran into anyone who thinks Vista is anything less than a terrible piece of crap. Hasn't the UN condemned it as a form of mental torture after the CIA was caught using it as an interrogation technique in Egypt? I may be wrong about that though :)