Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Nerds Will Do Just About Anything

You know when you search Google for:

New motherboard has power but won't boot up

And then, five hours later you search YouTube for:

How to fix a bent pin on a CPU

You know things are very wrong in the world of do-it-yourself computer upgrades. Needless to say I'm now awaiting a new CPU to be shipped because no one in this 'city' of 150,000 carries CPU's. I did come across possibly the best YouTube comment ever on a video about how to fix bent pins on a CPU:

"Linus, if there's any time you need your dick sucked or someone killed for you or something, I'm your man, because you just saved my CPU.
I used a mechanical pencil like you said and it worked perfectly. There was one pin that was just ever so slightly askew, and I managed to fix it, and now it boots up. Thank you SO much!"

Happy nerds will, indeed, do just about anything to get their computer repaired. No gaming, or videos from me until next week then :( Looks like I'll have to take care of a dozen or so tasks I've successfully been avoiding including reading (gasp), getting some fresh air (it really does exist I've just found out) and spending time with She Who Will Be Named Later and New Mouth To Feed. I'm also going to attempt to liquidate my 1905's and up comic collection on ebay to pay for said computer upgrades. Getting rid of old comics isn't easy but I do have some pretty good ones that might fetch a few hundred quid and the rest might find themselves in the recycling bin. A shame, yes, but better than rotting in my basement for another 30 years. X-Men Giant Sized #1 anyone?


  1. No, spend time with the baby.

    Don't go outside. There's a big bright orb out there, and it BURRRNNNS us precious !

  2. Holy balls, you're selling Giant-Size X-men 1?! You ought to make some crazy bank on that.

    ...which will be eaten by New Mouth to Feed.

  3. @mrrx- Ya, and coupled with the 'burning' sun is -20C (-4F) temperatures so outdoors is not the place to be :)

    @Thade- yes, if it was say 9.0 or better but its about 8.0 so I'm hoping for around 300-400 CDN. That will at least pay for New Computer To Play! I also want to get a new internal hardrive (one made in this decade would be nice) and Windows 7 (I'm currently using Satan's Choice, Vista) so I may have to part with Spiderman #121 as well ;)

  4. Definitely spend time with New Mouth to Feed. I have to say I am a little envious of you, having had all this time with her. Having to leave Melian at home each morning sucks :(

    Though the smile on her face when I come home from work is just one of the best things in the world.