Friday, November 30, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Get in the Fort

I came across this on a T-shirt site and it made me smile:

Today, as we know, is the day I leave the house to get booze. Now that kind of makes me sound like a shut-in, or an alcoholic, or perhaps even an alcoholic shut-in, but rest assured I do leave the house on other occasions. Stnylan's comment on my last post made me, once again, thankful for Canada and it's generous parental leave policy. Since She Who Will Be Named Later is taking leave without pay for two years to attend to New Mouth To Feed, I was able to sign on for the nearly 9 months of parental leave that the mother usually takes. My employer, in exchange for the continued use of my very unique talents (no really, there are only a few hundred of us in the world) is also contributing funds to the cause. This means, essentially, we don't have to worry about money in that my wages stay the same. Yes, I know, and yes, I'm thankful for being so lucky.

So today I am writing this in the middle of pretty damned good pillow fort (if I do say so myself as I made it) whose primary purpose is to prevent New Mouth To Feed from rolling all over the place since she has now mastered that skill. I found this out last week when I was on the laptop, much as I am now, and she simply rolled over to me and started kicking me in the back as if to say 'Hey, I'm here, now what'.

They say that kids change your life and I think that those without kids misinterpret that as something negative. While it can be bloody hard (for the love of God why won't she nap in the day) and it is a change I think it's more of a shift as opposed to a change. My life is, of course, very different, but it feels to me that she's always been here, and in a way, she has (genetics anyone). She is, luckily for her, the spitting image of myself so that definitely helps with the familiarity aspect of it all. I wasn't looking forward to being a parent (I did wait until 42 after all) and I don't define myself by it, but having her is easily the best thing I have ever done. And now I have to go and play peek-a-boo with New Mouth to Feed who has once again rolled over and is kicking me in the back.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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