Friday, November 16, 2012

Fortuitous Friday: Bring on the Booze

Well here I am with a precious few minutes (around 60) to myself as She Who Will Be Named Later has taken New Mouth to Feed out to the Nerdery (what some may refer to as a library) and what am I doing? Drinking a cheeky 11 am beer? Nope. Dancing naked throughout the house? Nope. Tormenting the dogs by eating their own food right in front of them? Yep, er I mean Nope. I'm writing this. I know, I know, you are eternally grateful. There's no need to thank me, really, but in the off chance you do I can post my pay-pal account information.

So it's Friday, again. It certainly is a hard-wired habit to be excited for Friday. I've been off work for nearly five months now and I still mentally mark Friday. I still tend to go to the liquor store on a Friday even though every day, technically, is Friday for me. For those outside of Canada, and especially Saskatchewan (thus living in a civilized part of the world) the sale of alcohol is regulated by the Provincial Government here and the 'liquor stores' are actually called 'Liquor Stores'. That is short, of course, for the catchily-named 'Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Liquor Store'. They are giant, warehouse-style stores filled with, well, booze.

The dodgy store I usually head to.

The ambiance is overwhelming isn't it?

They aren't the only place you can buy booze, but they are the only place you can buy spirits. There are a few 'independents' but they are, by law, forced to buy their own booze from, you guessed it, SLGA, and can NOT carry anything that is in stock in the liquor store. Confused? Yea, me too. I've been going to these liquor stores all my life and I still feel a bit dirty walking into one, like I'm doing something I shouldn't be. There are 'off-sale' stores which mainly stock beer as well but if you want anything nice, or don't want to pay an extraordinary surcharge you have to go to the liquor store.

In case you missed it, this is a LIQUOR STORE. Please form an orderly line to purchase your Government approved liquor.

You an always tell the type of neighborhood by the liquor store. In the one which is closest to me, when you walk in the first thing you see are the Malt liquors (Colt 45) and cheap, large cans of beer (Bud Light, Coors Light). In the other one that I frequent the first thing that you see when walking in is a locked display case of very, very fine Scotch Whiskeys of which the most expensive is $3,600. The closest store to me (yes, let's say it, the shabby one) is always more interesting because it straddles three different neighborhoods and it's always interesting watching the different people mingle together. From the ex-con with the tear-drop tattoo busking out front, to the well-dressed fellow jumping out of the Mercedes they all share a common interest: getting drunk on Friday.

I will give them this- there is a lot of variety and some giant-sized bottles of booze. For those in the UK, yes, that is a 1750ml  jug of Gin on the end. Get in! 
I do wish I lived in a place that didn't have prohibition-era like 'official' attitudes toward drink. Here in Saskatchewan we are pretty well known for our love of booze which makes this all the more hilarious. Having friends over usually means a table filled with bottles of various sorts as the unwritten rule is you always bring something, and no matter how much is left you leave it behind. I miss Ireland and the UK where alcohol is just a part of life and you can get it anywhere. I even miss the U.S. for that, although driving to the county line when you were stuck in a dry county (yes, they still exist) was always a pain. Nothing like a 40-minute drive (to another county) for booze to make you feel like you may have a bit of a problem.

Right so, that leaves me with a bit of time on my own, so I'm going to strip down, grab a beer and ride the dogs around the sitting room for some lols. Then I'm off to the Liquor Store with my ration book to get my Government Approved Alcohol and my loaf of stale bread.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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