Thursday, November 8, 2012

Farewell KV-13, You've Been a Steady Comrade.

As far back as I can remember I've wanted to be a gangster....... No, wait, that's the beginning of Goodfellas. Let me try this again.

As far back as I can remember I've had the Russian Tier VII medium tank, the KV-13, in my garage. I used a lot of free experience to skip to it very early on, and played a ton of matches in it. I was using it to unlock the T-44, my original goal, and earned enough free experience with the KV-13 to do that and then some. I loved the KV-13. It was a hidden gem that most people overlooked. It is tucked away in the middle of the soviet tech tree and isn't required to unlock anything. You could skip it and not be affected in your march up the medium or heavy tech tree.

But it was a gem. It accelerated well, and was fast as hell- originally it went 60kph forward and 21kph in reverse- and it was armored to the teeth (around 105 max frontal with 80-100 or so on the sides and rear). It was extremely versatile and I don't think there was a single match I was thrown into where I couldn't find some role to fill with it: scout, medium, heavy, brawler, sniper.... it seemed to do it all. Notice the past tense.

Two significant 'nerfs' have affected the KV-13's overall performance and my enjoyment of it. First was the HE 'nerf' waaaay back when (6.something I think) which normalized HE damage and basically ruined all the tanks that relied on derp for maximum entertainment (like the Hetzer with the 105). Even with the buffs to HE later it was never the same. Lately the matchmaker tweak which sees you never face anyone two tiers higher than your tank set in motion the final nail in the KV-13's coffin. In the name of balance they took 10kph off the top speed along with some of the armor, traverse, and acceleration. The KV-13 always had a poor gun so without those other assets it has fallen into the realm of 'mediocre'. I've only played a handful of games since the MM re-balance but it's enough to know the glory days are behind this faithful companion.

The latest patch (8.1) has introduced 'gold' rounds for the cost of in-game silver. I have 11 million credits saved up and don't play the game much anymore so I decided to load 'gold' HE rounds into the KV-13's derp gun and give it one more fun-run before retirement.  As luck would have it I managed to go out with a bit of a bang, taking another blogger with me just before I succumbed to overwhelming odds. I have to be honest (well, no I don't, but I will on this occasion) and say I really, really wanted to kill him. In fact I was shooting over a T-59 medium tank that was in front of me to get him, but in fairness I've seen his record and combined with the tank he was driving, it made him the bigger threat... yea, that's the reason, not petty bragging rights on the internet :)

So I have not sold the KV-13 and put the top-notch crew into my T-44. I have also decided to use this occasion to make my first (and likely last) World of Tanks You Tube video, with commentary, showing the battle. Enjoy!

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